Keeping Your Swimming Pool Water Sparkling Clean With Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners

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The Dawn of Pool Cleaners

In 1951, a hydraulics engineer from Belgian Congo, Ferdinand Chauvier, invented a pool vacuum cleaner, equipment that collects garbage and sediment in the swimming pool with minimum human intervention. Finally in 1974, Chauvier was able to finish his first automatic pool cleaner and marketed this product under the name Creepy Krauly. This invention was soon to be known as the modern day pool cleaners.

Imagine way back when people owning swimming pools have a hard time maintaining their pools. Way back then, cleaning up algae on the tile floor takes a lot of time and effort. Today, there are many pool cleaning services available but then they can be expensive. Thankfully, pool owners now have the option to install pool cleaners in their pools and do not have to rely on pool cleaning services.

Pool Cleaners and the Health of Your Family

For some pool owners, swimming pools are part of their daily lives. Therefore, certain things should be taken in order for it to be functional and clean so that all the family members can take a dip anytime without having to worry that of getting sick just because you went for a dip. Having a clean swimming pool is a must especially when you have kids because they tend to drink the pool water by accident. Your family could also contract various skin diseases by swimming in murky waters. However, having your pool regularly maintained by a pool service can be expensive. This is the reason why pool owners must install pool cleaners in their swimming pools.

The Different Types Of Pool Cleaners?

Manual pool cleaner

These are commonly used for small-sized pools or domestic pools. These are also ideal for those with budget constraints as these are the cheapest compared to other types. The problem with these types is that they may be physically demanding and time-consuming. With a long pole, you have to manually push around the cleaner yourself.

Automatic pool cleaner

Automatic swimming-pool cleaners can remove leaves, sand, stones and other foreign debris out of your pool although the disadvantage of using this type is that it cleans the pool randomly. In spite of its sophisticated sensor in detecting foreign debris, it can’t match the human cleaning when it comes to cleaning quality.

Robotic pool cleaner

This type of cleaner is designed to mimic how humans do it. Robotic swimming pool cleaners are very similar to automatic pool cleaners but with an addition of a built-in microchip so that they can be able to clean pools in a programmed manner. The disadvantage of this type is that they are the most expensive type of cleaners; hence, only big swimming resorts usually use them.

Nothing is more inviting than the sight of a sparkling clean swimming pool. With the use of pool cleaners, you’ll not only be amazed at how clean and fresh your water is in the swimming pool, you will also be able to retain sparkling clean pool water day after day.

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