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Kayak Pools

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Kayak pools are among the popular brands of swimming pools that are perfect for residential homes. Their swimming pools are pre-designed and pre-fabricated. This means that once all the materials are delivered, you can have the pool installed in just a day and start swimming the following day after the pool water is added.

Aside from Kayak pools, there are also many other brands of pre-fabricated pools to choose from. But the popularity of this brand makes it beneficial to include Kayak swimming pool as one of the best options. Hence, this review is done to determine if one of these Kayak pools is perfect for your home.

Benefits of Using Kayak Pools

To make this review on Kayak pools fair, it is best to find out the pros and cons of using this brand. First and foremost, looking at what the company offers as the probable benefits on the part of the buyers, the entire package of Kayak pools normally includes the swimming pool with built-in safety features, a pool fence around the area for safety from wandering and unattended children, and a pool ladder for practically all types of pools.

Moreover, the company boasts of giving customers a maintenance-free pool without the need for constant vacuum procedures because the unit is equipped with a bottom main drain that regularly filters the sediments out. More importantly, the company offers a 30-year structural warranty.

Overall Construction of Kayak Pools

In order to assess the durability and the quality of Kayak pools, it is best to check the whole construction. The entire pool is fully supported with high-grade materials that provide strong and stable support of the construction. The stainless steel braces and support of the pool are water and heat-resistant to ensure long lasting use and trouble-free swimming.

The water pool liner is also made for heavy-duty use and winterized to withstand even the coldest weather conditions. It is also equipped with ultra-violet inhibitor to prevent deterioration under extreme heat, and coated with an anti-bacterial property to prevent fungus formation and growth.

Another important aspect of the pool that needs to be inspected is the water wall. They must be ideally strong and durable. Slight failure in this aspect can lead to water leakage and other serious problems if not immediately fixed.

The water walls of Kayak pools are said to be strong and all-weather resistant. They are made of high-end materials that employ state-of-the-art engineering procedures to manufacture them. More interestingly, they are backed by years of warranty.

The Cons of Using Kayak Pools 

Browsing through several independent consumer review sites, there are several negative feedback and comments about the use of Kayak pools from many unsatisfied consumers and owners of this brand of swimming pool. In general, the issues are focused on the water walls of the pool. Many pool owners complained that the walls of the Kayak pools are inferior in quality because they experienced problems within 5 years of use like wall failure, dents, protruding walls, and wall bending.

Fixing the problem requires additional expenses in terms of the costs of the materials, shipment of materials, labor costs, and water emptying and refill. Some consumers even bought their Kayak pools with a lifetime warranty on the water walls, but they never seemed to enjoy such warranty from the company.

In other cases, consumers were given pro-rated 30-year warranty, and not lifetime warranty, on the water walls. Meaning, they can purchase new water walls at reduced prices, based on the number of years of use.

Another negative aspect of the company is poor customer service. Many consumers experienced warm and excellent pre-sales customer service. But once the purchases were made, the quality of their services tremendously declined.

Overall Assessment of Kayak Pools

The offers of the company that produced Kayak pools are quite enticing and very interesting. However, the company is also facing poor reputation problems from unsatisfied clients. Their issues may be on a case-to-case basis. But to avoid facing the same problems as these customers encountered, more thorough investigation is required. It is further best to personally check the offers in the dealership near you to better assess if Kayak pools are worth investing or not.

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