Is An Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Fit For You?

Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

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As its name suggests, an indoor outdoor fireplace is devised to serve a dual purpose, for indoor and outdoor use. To serve these dual functions, this encased chamber can be opened on two sides. This feature gives it versatility of use that cannot be enjoyed with other types of fireplaces. If you are pining for that warm cozy ambience inside your home as well as in your patio or by the swimming pool, the indoor outdoor fireplace could be what you are looking for. Take time to chew over its benefits and drawbacks that are discussed below.

What Makes Indoor Outdoor Fireplace Hot?

Easy To Install and Portable. This wall-mounted indoor outdoor fireplace can easily be installed owing to its portability feature. It can conveniently be removed and put together again someplace else at your whim. This gives it the versatility of being available for use in more than one setting.

Reasonably Priced. The price tag of an indoor outdoor fireplace typically quotes a few hundred bucks. This is definitely cheaper compared to installing a new traditional fireplace which could amount to several thousands of dollars. At a lower price, you get a bonus, considering that the indoor outdoor fireplace can also be used in two ways.

Safe To Use and Convenient to Maintain. You do not need a chimney to run an indoor outdoor fireplace. This makes it safer to use than traditional fireplaces which can cause fire due to congestions in the flue.

Usually, an indoor outdoor fireplace do not run on gas or wood, but on gel fuels. This alcohol-based power source does not emit smoke, odor or other filthy emissions such as soot and ashes. Hence, you are free from the task of cleaning chimneys and you and your loved ones will not carry the smell of smoke as your body fragrance. Also, gel fuels are neatly packaged in containers which occupy a smaller space than a stack of wood.

Energy Efficient. With the absence of a chimney, an indoor outdoor fireplace traps heat rather than lets it out, thus, making it more efficient as compared to the customary fireplace.

Factors That Will Make You Turn a Cold Shoulder On Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Relatively Expensive Gel Fuel. The availability of wood in the countryside makes the traditional fireplace a better choice as it will be more cost-effective to use it rather than pay extra for the gel fuel to run an indoor outdoor fireplace.

Fire Does Not Last Long. Fires powered by gel fuels lasts for just approximately three hours. This is relatively shorter than the length of time that most wood fires could last.

Cannot Create Quite a Great Atmosphere. Because of the small size of the hearth of an indoor outdoor fireplace, it lacks the capability of the traditional fireplace to produce an intimately magnificent ambience that can evoke feelings of warmth and coziness.

An indoor outdoor fireplace will serve well an on-the-go family that lives in the metropolis because of its portability, dual function, ease of use and maintenance, efficiency and affordability.

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