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Intex Pool

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Intex pool is one of the best brands of above ground swimming pools. In fact, Intex has revolutionalized family swimming enjoyment at home by coming up with unique above ground pools that offer numerous exciting features and wonderful benefits. But as with all other products, every good product comes with some flaws. It is for this reason that this Intex pool review is done to ascertain if the negative aspects of the product outweigh its benefits.

Intex Pool Installation 

Starting from the installation procedure, Intex pools in general are practically easy to set up and install. No need to hire professional installers that can only add up to the expenses of using the pool. In this case, every purchase comes with an instructional manual and DVD that shows you every step of the way towards completely installing the pool in your backyard with ease.

There are four major types of Intex pools. The Easy Set pool is the type of pool to choose if you want the easiest installation procedure. The process is as simple as spreading the latex pool on a level ground, inflating the top ring of the pool using an air pump, and then adding water to the pool. Afterwards, you can start the fun of swimming with your loved ones and friends.

The time required to inflate the pool varies depending on the size and dimension of the swimming pool. But regardless of the size, you are assured that you can start swimming on the same day that you bought the product.

But if you opt for the sturdier type for long lasting use, which is the round ultra frame Intex pool, the installation procedure may take longer since the pool is made of high-grade metal frames and walls. Even then, the process is very easy to do that even first-time users can install the pool with the aid of the instructional manual that comes along with the product.

Intex Pool Water Cleaning and Maintenance

Installing the intex pool is just the start of the required tasks that you need to do as an owner of the pool. After the enjoyment of swimming, owners are tasked with proper care and maintenance of the pool in order to further enjoy more swimming events ahead. Unless summer is over and you need to uninstall the pool and put it back in the box for safe storage, you need to keep the water fresh and clean for safe swimming.

Luckily, the pool is already equipped with pool cleaning accessories like a pool cover to keep the water free from dusts, fallen leaves, and insects. Some models come with a free surface skimmer, a pool vacuum, and a skimmer net for getting rid of floating debris. An Intex salt water pool system is also available to keep the water free from algae formation.

Some of these accessories may not be provided as part of the package in certain models, but they are sold separately for pool owners to buy. This shows that the company has considered every aspect of using the Intex pool for safe and stress-free swimming.

Quality and Durability of Intex Pool 

When it comes to durability and strength, Intex pool is popular for having durable pools. Many owners have no trouble in using their Intex pools for several years. There are few incidences, however, where customers reported pool failure. But these are only few cases, and the incidence rate is significantly lower compared to other competitor brands.

Other negative feedback about the product are the price, insufficient pump power, and the short lifespan of the filter cartridge. These are minute issues that can be easily resolved. A price comparison was made and prices of Intex pools are reasonable and within the industry standard prices.

But what matters most is that you get the real value of your investment on the purchase of the product, which in this case the Intex pool will surely give you your money’s worth.

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