In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools are pools where the entire pool is sunk into the ground, which means the walls, the liner, the plumbing is all below ground. In-grounds are typically more expensive since a hole must be dug, a concrete footing must be poured around it, and typically in most areas a fence must be put up around it to in close the swimming pool area. There are three main types of in ground pools. The first and the most common are gunite in-ground swimming pools.

Gunite – Gunite also know as shotcrete, are what you think of when you think of a pool made out of concrete. This form of pool is made my concrete literally being shot out of high-pressure hoses hence the name “gun”ite since it is shot out of a machine called a concrete gun.  These pools are extremely durable and allow for the most customization out of any type of pool, but are also the most expensive typically to build.

Vinyl Liner Steel -Two fairly newer options have come out for in-ground pools though. The first is vinyl liner steel wall in-ground pools. These are quite similar to above-ground pools in construction but are made stronger to with stand the pressure of moving and freezing ground. Also with a vinyl liner this allows for your pool liner to float slightly if the water table rises without it cracking or ripping which can happen in fiberglass or gunite pools in areas where the water table is higher. Also vinyl liner pools like their cousins the aboveground pools are more winter resistant because they can withstand the freezing and thawing of the ground better.

Fiberglass – There is also the option of a fiberglass in-ground pool. These are made out of a fiberglass material and are literally a one-piece shell that is sunk into the ground and filled with water. They can even float! In some places in America with rivers near by they even float this pools down the river to the customers house. So in review you three main options for in-ground pools are gunite a.k.a. concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner steel wall.

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