Indoor Fireplace Designs

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So, have you decided on the type of indoor fireplace you will be installing? Although you are nearer in your journey of buying an indoor fireplace, you are still quite not there yet. Whether going for a traditional wood-burning fireplace, a gas fireplace or an electric one, you will be coming up against choosing from the wide array of indoor fireplace designs offered in the market.

Brick Indoor Fireplace Designs

Whether installing a new brick fireplace or doing up an old one, there are plenty of indoor fireplace designs that you can pick from. These can range from the classic square inset construction to the more contemporary art deco designs. Your decision would depend on the current design of the room or house. However, if you are considering redoing your home starting on your fireplace, then this factor stands immaterial. Other design options include replacing brick with rough stones. You may also consider making the whole fireplace become part of the wall, giving it the appearance of a little shelf or a small picture frame.  Or you can simply opt to make the fireplace stand out. The kind of colors that you use for your fireplace will make either of these appearances.

Besides the construction of the fireplace, another design idea for you is to use accessories such as a fireplace mantel. This shelf built on the fire hearth will be a lovely addition to your indoor fireplace design. Your mantel can be polished wood, designed as a grill, made of glass or metal. This will not just add charm to your fireplace, it will also serve to avoid accidents by keeping little children away from the hearth.

Electric And Gas Indoor Fireplace Designs

Electric and gas fireplaces have a more modern appeal, are usually compact and come with a sleek finish. They are often integrated into the wall, hence, saving you some space. Like a brick fireplace that is merged into the wall, these modern fireplaces also resemble the appearance of bookshelves and photo frames. You can readily buy these fireplaces from shops and easily install them on your wall.

Other Considerations For Indoor Fireplace Designs

Indoor fireplace designs can also be dictated by the opening, hearth and firebox of the fireplace. The hearth mainly bears its outside appearance. You can choose from a multitude of hearth designs. How the hearth is positioned is also another way of designing your fireplace. It can be stationed directly on the floor, hanging above the floor or partially embedded on the floor. The shape of the portal of the fireplace is another design consideration. Commonly, fireplaces are rectangular or square. However, other shapes now give unique designs to newly-built or newly-designed fireplaces.

The assortment of indoor fireplace designs possible are enough to confuse an undecided homeowner; considerations such as the type of fireplace, the theme in the room or house, the type of construction help lead to the appropriate design.

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