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Pool fence

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A swimming pool in your backyard is meant to serve as a place of rest, refuge, relaxation and bonding for the family and not as a death trap especially for your little ones. For this reason, safety must be foremost when installing and running a pool. And there are pool accessories that can help you ensure safety; one of which is the pool fence.

Why Your Pool Needs to Have a Pool Fence

Open and exposed pools pose danger to unattended children, that is why pool fence must be installed around the swimming pool to avoid accidents. The statistics on death among children below 5 years of age caused by drowning is staggering.

According to gathered public data in the U.S. drowning is the number one cause of death among young children from 1 to 4 years old, and there are about a thousand drowning cases among children every year. In 70% of all cases, the young victims were even supervised by an adult, who reported that the drowned child was last seen about 5 minutes before the accident. Just a few moments of diverted attention, and the child was already at the bottom of the pool and gone forever.

Such incidences could have been avoided had there been a pool fence that prevents children from wandering to the pool side. It is for this same reason that many Counties and States in the United States of America have local regulations regarding pools in the backyard.

Laws on Pool Fence Installation

In several counties, their local government mandates that pool fence must be installed around pools in the backyard. In Cass County, for instance, the local government imposes installation of pool fence in permanent swimming pools.

By referring to permanent pools, these are swimming pools with at least two feet in depth. Aside from that, the pool is also equipped with a recirculation system, regardless if it is under the ground or above the ground.

Thus, even if it is a temporary pool that you can set-up in an hour and later on uninstall right after swimming, for as long as it has a depth of 2 feet and with a recirculation system, then it is considered a permanent pool that must, therefore, abide by the said regulation. The pool fence must also be at least 5 feet in height to prevent older children, 5 to 14 years of age, from wandering into the pool without adult supervision.

This is just the case of one county. Other counties have their own set of rules and regulations regarding installation of pool fence around swimming pools. It is best to check the local law in your area regarding this matter in order to avoid penalties.

Compliance with local ordinances regarding pool fences must not only be observed to avoid paying penalties. These penalties are nothing compared to the lives of young loved ones, at risk of drowning in a swimming pool without a pool fence.

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