Ikea Outdoor Furniture for a Hip and Contemporary Outdoor Living

IKEA outdoor furniture

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Avante-garde. Fresh. Hip and modern. Clean lines. Affordable. Sturdy. Self-assembled. These are what describe IKEA furniture. No wonder, college students, newly-weds, or young single people just starting out to live independently are literally drawn to this brand. Expect heavy traffic to congest the streets where there is an IKEA store going on sale as hoards of die-hards flock to the store to take advantage of the huge discounts. As if IKEA furniture is not already inexpensive. So as the fresh season for budding and blossoming arrives, give your home a fresh look. But since spring is all about the flowers and bees, the birds and the trees, why not consider

Vivify your outdoor living space with IKEA outdoor furniture pieces or sets. Whether you invest in a whole new set for a whole new look, add a few new pieces to punctuate your existing set for a more eclectic appeal, or buy a few pieces until you can complete the whole set, this innovative Swedish furniture can surely create the ambiance you want at low, low prices. Let us take a look at some of these sets and pieces.


IKEA Outdoor Furniture – The Flaster Range

Do you dream of owning a high-end outdoor wood furniture but just don’t have the financial capacity to do so just yet? Well, you can actually create that posh ambiance in your patio or garden without having to spend a mint. Consider the IKEA Flaster Range. From this collection, you can pick a grand table, a small table, chairs, and a pretty minimalist bench colored in cool contemporary grey. Before you react that it may be expensive because it is made of wood, save your breath because the pieces are actually made of plastic with rustproof aluminum frames, making it great for outdoor use. They just happen to look like the expensive wood furniture sets offered by upscale furniture makers.


IKEA Outdoor Furniture – The AMMERÖ Set

This chic IKEA Outdoor Furniture includes a table and six chairs in dark brown. The frame of the reclining chairs are made of polyester powder-coated steel; the feet are made of polyethylene; and the seat is made of powder-coated aluminum with polyester and synthetic fiber fabric. The table has a frame made of powder-coated aluminum, a table top made of tempered safety glass, legs that are built of steel with polyester powder coating and feet that are constructed of polyethylene. No maintenance is necessary for this IKEA outdoor furniture set. You just simply clean the piece with mild soapy solution when needed.


IKEA Outdoor Furniture – The GARPEN Set

Want to furnish a small outdoor space? Consider this minimalist clean-lined outdoor bar set from IKEA which includes a bar table and four elegantly slender bar tools which are black in color. The seats of the stools are made of powder coated aluminum with polyester and synthetic rubber fabric, and are supported by polyamide stool footing. The table top is made of painted concrete while the main parts are built of aluminum with polyester powder coating. The feet are also made of polyamide. This maintenance-free IKEA outdoor furniture set can easily be cleaned with mild soapy solution when needed.


With spring pretty much in the air, take advantage of the new stocks with fresh designs of IKEA outdoor furniture that are available in their over 170 furniture stores worldwide. You may also want the convenience of checking their online catalogue.

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