How To Play The Simplified Version of 8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool For Beginners

There is a simpler way of playing 8 ball pool that is perfect for beginners, and it is called Stripes and Solids. The game is played with either two players or two teams of two. To win this game, you should aim to be the first player (or team) to shoot all of your balls and lastly the 8-ball. Take care not to sink the 8-ball prior to shooting all of your other balls, otherwise you lose. Here are the easy steps on how to play this game.

Steps in Playing Simplified 8 Ball Pool

1. Arrange the balls in the rack, deliberately placing a stripe and a solid in the two corners, the 8-ball in the center, and the 1-ball in one corner. While the remaining balls can be placed however you want them arranged.

2. Position the rack to make the triangle directed toward the head of the table and with the 1-ball at the end of that point. Station the 1-ball in the foot spot.

3. Securely place the balls against the rack and take away the rack with care and set it aside.

4. Agree on who will make the first shot and what rules you would be following in calling fouls.

5. Position the white cue ball anywhere you desire as long as it is behind the head string.

6. Make your shot, keeping the cue stick parallel to the table for the entire duration of the stroke.

7. If you sink a ball (or more) when breaking, proceed with shooting the kind of ball that you earlier pocketed, as long as it is not the white cue ball. If you also happen to pocket the cue ball, it is considered as “scratch” and the table remains open. Should you happen to sink a striped ball and a solid ball when breaking, you have the option to choose which kind to continue shooting.

8. If you scratch or do not shoot any stripe or solid ball into the pocket, your opponent gains the turn to shoot.

9. A player can go on making shots provided that he sinks the right kind of ball, does not foul, and does not pocket the 8-ball prior to pocketing all seven of his balls.

10. Take turns making the shot with your partner if you play as a team.

11. Once you pocket all of your seven balls, aim and shoot the 8-ball to the pocket you wish to drop it so that you win the game. Your opponent gains his turn if you miss and the game continues until one of you pockets all seven balls and the 8-ball last.

Some 8 Ball Pool Rules To Remember

1. Should a ball bounce off the pool table, set it on the foot spot to bring it back in the game.

2. Hit your own ball using the cue ball first. If you happen to hit the other player’s ball to hit your own, it is considered as a foul and leads to a ball-in-hand situation for your opponent.

3. When making a shot, keep at least a foot on the floor.

4. For a more challenging game, you can make it a rule to pocket the balls in numerical order.

There are several ways of playing the 8 ball pool. Modify rules to make the game harder or easier, more fun or more serious, it depends on how you want it played. It is up to you to choose which version to play to match it with the level of your playing skills and those of your opponent.

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