How to Organize or Play Office Football Pool

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A few more months and everybody would again be caught up with the frenzy of the Super Bowl fever. You can even have more fun by having a participation in the event somehow, and this is by organizing or playing an office football pool. This friendly you-pick-the score game can surely perk up the atmosphere in your office more than the office percolator. No special skill or expertise is required to play the game. Players also do not need to bet a large sum of money, but the booty can be substantial. And to organize the game, simply prepare a TV set, colored pens, construction paper, poster boards, and permanent markers, and make a simple visual chart. Here is the easy-to-follow step-by-step guide:

Making the Office Football Pool Grid 

1. Prepare the pens and a large piece of blank paper.

2. On the paper, make a 10 x 10 office football pool grid.

3. Across the top of the grid, indicate the numbers 0 to 9 atop each square.

4. Also label each square on the left side of the grid with the numbers 0 to 9.

5. Write the Super Bowl teams on the grid: one on top, let’s say the Pittsburgh Steelers; and the other on the left side, let’s say the Green Bay Packers.

6. The 10 x 10 grid you constructed will make a 100-unit payoff; sell each square for one unit. Players can buy more than one square. If you can sell all the squares, so much the better.

7. Label the corresponding square that each player bought with their initials.

8. Then when the big day comes, watch the game.

9. Relax and expect to be entertained by the advertisements, not just the game itself.

10. When the game ends, match the last digit of the final score of each team with the grid to sort out the winner of the office pool football. As an illustration: if the Pittsburgh Steelers scored 15, and the Green Bay Packers scored 24, the winner would be the player who paid for the square where 5 on the vertical scale meets 4 on the horizontal.

Other Suggestions for Office Football Pool

To get the participation of the players throughout the game, and not just at the end of the game, extend the thrill by declaring small winners by quarter and assign them a certain percentage of the loot as their reward. For example, you can give 5 percent of the prize to the little winner of the first quarter, 10 percent to the player who gets the right halftime score, 10 percent to the third quarter winner and award 75 percent for the grand prize winner who gets the correct final scores.

If not all squares were bought, the one closest to the winning but unclaimed square could be considered the winner.

Take note that certain scores do not occur very often, such as 8, a score that is less common than 7. You can settle this by selling the more common numbers at a higher price than the rare scores. Be sure to find out what these rare numbers are.

Lastly, keep in mind that gambling is against the law in a number of states, so do not organize an office football pool if this is the case in your state.

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