How To Choose An Indoor Fireplace Cover

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Dress Up Your Fireplace With An Indoor Fireplace Cover

Spring is about to give the cold days their marching orders. It will also be time for you to douse the fire from your fireplace and let it cool down until the next winter comes. Using fireplace accessories, such as an indoor fireplace cover, is not merely for aesthetics. More importantly, they serve several utilitarian purposes.

The Practicality of An Indoor Fireplace Cover

An indoor fireplace cover can keep your fireplace in pristine condition, ready for use when the next chill spell arrives. An indoor fireplace cover protects your fireplace from the accumulation of dust and other items that tend to be fire hazards. This will make cleaning easier and prevents fire accidents. Some indoor fireplace covers have openings intended for the hose of your vacuum cleaner for convenience in cleaning. This way there is no need for you to remove the cover, at the same time, it also keeps dirt and ash from being blown into the room while cleaning the fireplace. The cover can also keep your small kids from harm as it makes the fireplace off-limits.

Choosing An Indoor Fireplace Cover Type

Indoor fireplace covers can generally be classified as either hard or soft. Soft covers offer affordability and flexibility while hard covers are pricier but are said to be more effective in standing guard over fireplaces. One type of a hard indoor fireplace cover is made of glass. Most covers of this type feature a fireproof surface that shields glass from heat.

The Indoor Fireplace Cover and Your Interior Theme

By covering an important part of the room, your indoor fireplace cover will be visible, so might as well make it match with the theme of your room. There are an array of hand-painted and custom-made indoor fireplace covers and accessories in the market. If you have a corner or arched fireplace that needs to be covered, getting a custom-designed indoor fireplace may be a great idea. It may be difficult for you to buy an indoor fireplace cover directly from the store racks for these types of fireplaces that will at the same time blend with the theme of your room. For a perfect fit, you can approach custom manufacturers that can craft covers according to your desire.

An indoor fireplace cover comes handy during days when the fireplace is not in use as it can shield it from dust for easy cleaning, keep away flammable items to prevent fire mishaps and keep little children at bay to avoid freaky accidents.

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