How Safe Are Indoor Ventless Fireplaces?

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Owing to the absence of a vent, indoor ventless fireplaces are fuel efficient because heat is preserved and does not escape through the chimney. However, this beneficial feature can also be a drawback since some people fear that these fireplaces may pose some danger to the health of those in the house due to the absence of a flue where carbon monoxide can be released. As we all know, carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that can compromise health and may even put life at risk at excessive levels.

Safety Features of Indoor Ventless Fireplaces

For the peace of mind of homeowners, they must understand that indoor ventless fireplaces are engineered to emit very minimal carbon monoxide. The amount of emissions they give off is comparable to that of a gas stove with four burners. To make them even more safe, these fireplaces feature oxygen-depletion sensors that turn off the gas supply to the fireplace once the sensors detect a dilution of oxygen due to high levels of carbon monoxide.

Misgivings on Indoor Ventless Fireplaces

Despite the safety features mentioned above, some people still have their qualms in using this type of fireplaces. They insist that these heating appliances give off not only carbon monoxide, but as well as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and water vapor that could potentially lead to growth of mold in the indoor atmosphere. They also think that even with safety devices such as detectors, mechanical slip-ups can occur especially on old fireplaces that lacked proper and regular maintenance or inspection.

Safety Measures

If despite the bad press you would still like to use a ventless fireplace, you can observe certain precautionary measures to make sure that you are breathing in safe and pure air inside the confines of your home. It would add to your peace of mind if you ask a professional to install it for you. Use the appropriate size of the fireplace to heat the particular space you desire. Avoid using your ventless fireplace for over four hours within a day. Remember that even with other fireplaces and appliances, precautionary measures must be observed at all times, including the installation of carbon monoxide detectors.

As with the use of any other type of fireplace or appliance, taking precautionary measures in using indoor ventless fireplaces is key in ensuring the quality and safety of the air in your home and to avoid accidents.

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