How do I know if there is enough room for my outdoor dining set?

How do I know if there is enough room for my outdoor dining set?

When figuring space for a dining table, take the diameter of the table and add 4 feet. (24″ per chair x 2= one chair on each side) Example; if the table is a 36″ round your total space across should be at least 84″.

Ideally you will want to figure an additional 24″ for traffic flow. Thus your required wall to wall area should be 132″ square or 11′ square. The math will work as well when figuring and oval, rectangle or square dining table.

How would I calculate the ideal amount of space needed for my outdoor deep seating set?

There are some basic rules to remember when choosing the right pieces,

Where are the doors and windows? Will the sofa fit against the wall or between the windows?  Will the sofa be too high and block the bottom of the window?  These are questions that you’ll need to know in order to be successful in your plans and without making costly mistakes. Keep in mind the walk ways; you will need to maneuver comfortably throughout the space.

When your space is large enough and the furniture is not placed against a wall it is especially important to remember that the arrangement will be viewed from the backside as well as the front. Lloyd Flanders loom is ideal for either type of space.  Lloyd Flanders, Cast Classics and many patio manufactures go to great lengths to create just as beautiful a look from the back as the front.

If your space is large enough other options to think of for your sunroom are fans, lamps, rugs or possibly a wood stove or even a spa.

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