Hot Tubs for relaxation or Party?

1. Relaxation: Therapy or Party.

First things first, ask yourself why do you want a spa? Do you want it for Hydrotherapy to ease your sore back or do you want it as a focal point for entertaining guests?


Some medical professionals say that simple warm water is good enough.  Any spa will supply you with that.  The jets are still important though, and can supply you with added therapeutic value. But the question you must ask yourself is where are these jets located. Are they located at the critical spots that will work certain muscles and trouble areas of your body or are they placed ‘willy-nilly’ around the tub. Remember if you are buying a spa for therapeutic use, make sure the spa has jets where you need them.  Some hot tubs have jets that make the tub look good but aren’t actually hitting your body at all. With any spa dealer they should have at least one or two tubs where you can wet test their brand to get a taste of what their particular brand of spa can do for you. Most places will let you come in either while they are open or after they closed depending on company policy to try their spas. If they won’t allow you to do this, this is usually a big red flag of a company trying to sell you a substandard spa.


Also in the realm of therapeutic spas there are many other features that are now being incorporated into hot tubs that add healing value to your soak. One example is the relatively new introduction of aromatherapy in the spa. Some spas have just added oils or salts you can buy after the initial purchase that you can add to the water to scent it and make it more pleasant. Other newer spas have built in scent delivery devices that work to introduce scents into your soak without having to add oil or salts which will often leave residues and debris behind in the tub and make for a hassle of having to clean up after the fact.


Also many spas will have waterfalls which will serve two purposes. One it will add the sound of gently running water, a babbling brook, which has been proven to relax a majority of people and led to a more calming experience. Secondly they also serve as a kind of circulation pump and keep your water cleaner in the process. Similar to the relaxing sound of the waterfall many hot tubs have audio systems built into them. This is good whether you want your spa for therapeutic value or as a focal point to entertain guests. Some people like to enjoy some soft-listening music while taking a relaxing soak, which a built in stereo is perfect for.

Party Tub

Others who are seeking to create a more party atmosphere with their hot tub will be pleased to know that the shell of many tubs when built in with a stereo will act like an amplifying device for the sound coming out of the speakers. Some newer tubs are even built to dock your mp3 listening devices so I guess you could call your hot tub an I-spa. You should make sure though that the stereo attached to your hot tub has marine grade speakers and a waterproofed stereo. Figuring out all these parts will make sure you are getting a spa that works for your needs.

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