Are You Relaxing In Clean Water?

Hot Tub Filtration

The most important thing in owning a Hot Tub is making sure you can maintain the cleanest water possible.  The better the filtration system the cleaner the water.  Every Hot Tub manufacturer will convince you that they have the best filtration that provides the cleanest water. This article will help you understand the differences and determine the best type of filtration for you.

Clean Water

Clean Water all the time?

Filtration Bypass

The first thing to realize is that you want the filtration at it’s peak when the tub is in use.  If the filtration system shuts down when you are using the tub, all of the oils from your skin, the hair spray and makeup you use, all wind up in the water with no were to go until you turn the jets off.

Circulation Pump

Next you want to make sure your hot tub has a 24 hour circulation pump.  Water that filters constantly will always be cleaner and easier to maintain.  If it is not a standard option be sure to ask if it can be added, you will regret not having this feature. 

Filter Size

The Size of the filter can matter depending on the type of system for example: a tub that has a 125 square foot filter it will filter better than a tub that has one 25 square foot filter.  However some tubs use multiple smaller filters which of course would filter better than those tubs with one small filter.  Remember the smaller the filters the more frequently they will need to be cleaned and replaced which will lead to higher cost.

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