The Harvard Pool Table: The Six-Foot Two-in-One

The Harvard pool table is a great table for younger pre-teen kids who want to learn the game of pool but also want a break from time to time of playing pool and if they get bored want to play air hockey. This table is a two-in-one game that works by completely flipping the table to change the game. One side is a 6ft billiard table, which has a Slatetron playing surface (synthetic slate) while the other side is an air hockey game. It’s designed with a secure locking mechanism, solid rails, and tapered legs with reinforcing braces for structural stability. One important thing is to make sure you remove the billiard balls before you change games and flip the table or else from experience you will have balls flying all over your room. This two-in-one is perfect for kids, those that want a great deal on more then one game, or those without a lot of space. Though it is small and will fit in some pretty tight spots you will still want a 13 by 11 foot area. Also the weight of the table is 180 pounds so not easily moved by one person so that should be kept in mind.

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These articles describe the smaller 6 ft tables, which can be fit in smaller spot for home use. Other then the 6 ft snooker table these tables are primarily designed for pre-teens and kids or those with extreme space problems. The six-foot snooker table on the other hand is a half size snooker table that still plays great without the enormous room requirements of a full size 12 by 6-foot snooker table.

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