How Green is my Hot Tub?

Energy use: How green is my Hot Tub?

Now that you have a spa that fits your needs you need to think about how easy the spa is doing that work for you.  Many a spa dealer will be quick to tell you about their insulation and how energy efficient their spa is over competitors, but let us make this simpler for you.

Spa Cover

The main thing you should always remember about insulation is when you buy a spa you should get a good quality cover for it. Without a good cover it doesn’t matter what kind of insulation that’s inside the tub if you don’t have a lid of it you will be losing all your heat. It is like when your mother told you to wear a hat in the winter cause you will lose all your body heat though your head, well your spa is just like that no lid no heat.  The better spa cover are 5” think in the middle and slope to 3” on the perimeter.


Remember too that your insulation depends on where you are. Where you live depends on the insulation that you need. Are you in the cold of the north? Or are you in the sunny climate? Certain spas are only made for warm climates while certain spas are made for year round even though the winter of colder areas.

There are three ways Spas are insulated between the shell and the cabinet skirt:

  1. Full foam insulation – recommended for cold climates
  2. Partial insulation – an inch or 2 of insulation applied directly to the shell only.
  3. No insulation or thermal lock


When it comes to foam though if you are in a colder area your heating bills are high enough so you should have full foam insulated tub. Full foam insulation fills the space between the cabinet and the shell.  This foam though should not be the hard spray kind though, which though it insulates well, it makes for a hard job for a service tech should a repair be needed and will cost you more in the long run. The best way to know you are getting good insulation is to ask your salesman the R-value of the foam. The higher the R-value the better it insulates. R-value is a measurement of the thermal resistance of the foam.

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