Getting Cozy With Various Kinds of Indoor Fireplaces

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The biting cold this winter, not to mention the gelid snowstorms that beleaguered many parts of the country, is an obvious reminder of how valuable indoor fireplaces are in the typical American home. They do not just make you warm and dry, but their tasteful designs make them the main feature of the room. They literally light up the room and add a cozy and romantic ambience to your home. You can choose from the wide range of designs and kinds that suit your needs, taste and budget, from the luxurious to the practical.

The wide variety of indoor fireplaces include traditional masonry fireplaces, masonry heaters, natural gas and propane fireplaces and freestanding fireplace substitute wood stoves. They come in different shapes and sizes and with different types of functionalities too. They may be designed to accent the bedroom or provide warmth for the living room.

Practical Indoor Fireplaces – Fireplace Substitutes

Freestanding fireplace substitutes wood stoves have gained popularity in the recent years because they provide the same homey ambience without requiring the labor-intensive installation of other indoor fireplaces since there is no need for you to hire contractors to knock down walls. All you need is a chimney, a heat-resistant flooring and sufficient space that keeps away flammable items. These practical fireplace alternatives come in stone, plate-steel or cast-iron built. They also have transparent glasses where you can gaze at the fire.

Old School Indoor Fireplaces – Traditional Wood-Burning Fireplaces

At the other end of the spectrum of indoor fireplaces are the classic wood-burning kind. Installation of this type entails labor-intensive masonry or they could just be factory-assembled indoor fireplaces made of plate steel, cast iron or even aluminum. Although old school, it has been refined with technology making the modern versions more convenient and cleaner to use. The authenticity of burning wood of this type makes it a cut above the rest.

Gas Indoor Fireplaces for Instant Convenience

This type is suited for the busy bunch who have no time to relish at the task of chopping, wood, igniting and assembling a pile and diligently light a wood fire, as this type can conveniently be turned on or off at the click of the controls. They also come in various designs to suit your style: from the elegant and contemporary to the charming classic designs.

Portable Indoor Fireplaces – Electric Fireplaces

If you are looking for the kind of indoor fireplaces that can easily be installed and transferred, then an electric fireplace may be for you. To install one, you do not need any chimney or any kind of permanent ventilation and you can transfer it to another room if you want to, like moving the TV from the living room to the bedroom. The latest designs include fiber optic displays to make the “fire” appear less fake.


Selecting which type of indoor fireplaces from the wide options can be tricky; the key is to match your needs, budget and taste with that of the different features that each kind highlights.

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