Fuel for Fireplaces: Wood

Fireplace Fuel Types…

There are three main types of fuel you can use to provide the material energy for your fireplace insert or stove. They are wood, natural gas or pellet. Some people also use LP or liquid propane but this falls under the same category as natural gas.


The first and most common type of fuel for wood burning stoves and a majority of fireplaces is the tried and true wood. Wood is relatively cheap and considered “green” because it uses a renewable source ad not a fossil fuel like natural gas or LP.  Though for all its green properties it is not considered the most energy efficient. With the advent of green natural gas energy efficient units then environmental impact saved by wood as compared to natural gas is negligible. There are many faults of burning wood too. Wood is messy from the cutting off trees, splitting logs, to getting rid of the ash by product after your burn as well. Wood that comes from a sustainable source must be bought early in the year and if the winter is colder or longer then expected it may be difficult to find late in the winter when you may need it the most. Also have a wood burning unit may be time consuming, from the buying and transport of wood to your home, to the splitting of logs and carrying them onto your house, to the physical act of having to build a fire and clean out your unit of the by products after the fire. But then again no gas fireplace will ever replace the authenticity of the smell, look and ambience of a wood burning fire.

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