Fuel for Fireplaces: Pellets


The last fuel option is the newest and touted as the greenest option. That is the use of what is termed as pellet that is small pellets of recycled wood shavings, sawdust or corn.  These pellets are feed into a hopper where a small intense fire provides heat. You can buy ceramic logs to mimic a natural fire like most natural gas units provide.

Pellet Prices

The pellet fireplace can be a cheaper alternative to natural gas but that is subjective. Pellet prices are only termed cheaper compared to the market price of oil prices. Also with the use of ethanol as a fuel has risen the price of corn makes pellets more expensive. Another major source of pellets being sawdust and recycled wood shavings these are a byproduct of new home construction. With the current housing slump there is little new home construction and that raises the price of pellets. Pellet fireplaces are quite complicated and it is recommended that you have service contact with a repairman upon installing one of these units.

Pellet Quality

It is of utmost importance to use only top grade pallets in your stove.  Pellets not of top quality will burn badly and can course major problems with your pellet stove.

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