Fuel for fireplaces: Gas

Natural Gas and LP

The new standard of many fireplace inserts is natural gas. This is from the relativity easy use of it as a fuel source. Most homes in the US use natural gas as the primary heat source for their furnace so it is easy to run a second line to the unit. Also many people have installed gas log sets in their fireplace which because they are no more energy efficient then a natural fireplace are easiest replaced with an insert that uses natural gas because there is already a line running to the fireplace so it saves you money on install. Also it is much easier to flip a switch to turn on a fireplace then having to build a fire each and every time you want to heat from your unit.  Though for the ease of use that comes natural gas there are is one major con of using this fuel: money. With the rising prices and offshore oil spills the cost of running a natural gas unit can be expensive. The dawn of green energy efficient fireplace units have helped to combat this though. So when looking at units you should make sure to ask what the average price increase on your energy bill will be. If LP or liquid propane heats your home most units are capable to be converted to run off LP instead of natural gas with the addition of a couple small parts. MAKE SURE TO TELL OUR INSTALLER YOU RUN LP. Rarely but in occasion an ill informed installer has made mistakes installing a natural gas unit in a house running LP without the necessary parts which can have dangerous effects.

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