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Free Online Pool Games for Ultimate Gaming Experience

There are a lot of different types of free online pool games today. This gives pool players better flexibility on their choices, with more freedom to select on the various pool games that offer a whole new gaming experience in every type of game. Each type has different sets of rules, thereby offering distinct challenges.

Various Types of Free Online Pool Games

Some of the popular types of free online pool games include the 8-ball pool game, the 9-ball game, the English billiard, the golf pool, straight pool, six pocket, speed pool, back pool, and so much more.

When searching the Internet for free online pool games, you will usually come across the 8-ball and 9-ball pool games. These games are among the widely-played pool games online and the favorite types of billiard games among many avid pool game-players across the globe. Along that line, the game rules of the 8-ball pool game shall be discussed further on.

Main Objective of the 8 Ball Free Online Pool Games

The eight-ball free online pool games start with 15 objects and a cue ball. The 15 objects are divided into two main groups. One group consists of 7 balls in solid colors, while the other group has 8 balls with stripes. This is a two-player game where each player will pocket either one of the two sets of balls. The first one that pockets the entire group first plus the 8-ball is the winner of the game.

Other Basic Rules of the 8 Ball Free Online Pool Games

For the other rules of the 8-ball free online pool game, the play will starts with a rack having the 8-ball at the center of the triangle. The break shot should pocket at least one ball, or put to the rail four numbered balls. Otherwise, the other player shall execute the break, re-rack the balls and start the game with a good break.

Players are not given the choice on which of the two sets of balls to use, either the striped balls or the solid ones. It is determined by the first ball being pocketed by a player after the break.

Fouls of the 8 Ball Free Online Pool Games

When playing the 8-ball free online pool games, it is also essential to take note of the fouls. This could lead to either loss of turn, and even loss of game. Some of the things that are considered as foul or illegal include jumping an object off the pool table during the break shot.

Another incident that is considered as foul is if the 8-ball is contacted first when the table is open. Should such incident happen, the player is not credited a score on the pocketed balls. The player also loses his turn. Another penalty for foul is giving the opposing player the chance to cue the ball at any location inside the table. This is to discourage players to intentionally make a foul.

Incidences That Could Lead to Loss of the 8-Ball Free Online Pool Games

Players of the 8-ball free online pool games must be extra careful when playing the game. There are incidences that could lead to instant loss at any point of the game. These infractions include jumping the 8-ball off the table anytime during the game.

Committing a foul when pocketing the 8-ball can also lead to instant loss, aside from pocketing the 8-ball at non-designated pockets. Another infraction that could lead to instant loss is pocketing the 8-ball along with the last ball of the group in one stroke, as well as pocketing the 8-ball when it is not the legal ball.

Just keep in mind the above-mentioned rules of the 8-ball free online pool games and your gaming experience shall be smooth, free from trouble, and fully entertaining, aside from being victorious.

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