The Six Foot Pool Table: For Smaller Spaces

Standard Size Pool tables

When it comes to the world of American billiards better known stateside as pool the standard sizes for home or even most pool halls and bars are the definitive 7-foot or 8-foot tables. Some people who have the room and like a more British or European style of play have even had mammoth 9-foot tables installed in their homes.

America’s like Smaller Pool Tables

While in America big is usually better unless the player is of European or British origin and are looking to play more snooker or games of a continental style they don’t opt for the larger 10 or 12-foot tables. So in America when it comes to pool bigger is not always better. Most people who play pool want to have a home table, but when house are built and basements designed unless a table was planned from the beginning of construction most homes don’t have the true size dimensions for a standard pool table.

Room size need to house pool table using 57″ cue:

6 Foot: 12’3″ x 15′

7 Foot: 12’9″ x 16’0″

8 Foot: 13’2″ x 17″

9 Foot: 13’8″ x 17’10”

10 Foot: 15’2″ x 19’10”

12 Foot: 15’8″ x 20’10”

Most of the time this means going down from the home standard 8-foot table to a smaller faster playing 7-foot but sometimes even this will not do. That is why several manufacturers have begun to fashion smaller six-foot tables.

6 Foot Pool Tables

There are a couple of true 6-foot tables such as the C L Bailey 6 ft Carlisle or the Great American Legacy pool table the latter that is coin operated and mimics a pool hall table.

6 Foot Bar table

An example of a 6 foot bar pool table

Several off the folding billiard tables come in 6ft sizes.  Most 6-foot tables are not only a pool table but usually a hybrid or conversion table.

Table Size Playing Area 48″ Cue 52″ Cue 57″ Cue 60″ Cue
6 Foot Table 66″ x 33″ 13’6″ x 10’9″ 14’2″ x 11’5″ 15′ x 12’3″ 15’6″ x 12’9″

Above is the table of suggested room sizes for a 6 foot billiard table.

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