The Folding Pool Table: A True Space Saver

The Folding Pool Table: A True Space Saver

In recent years some pool table manufacturers have started to experiment with folding pool tables. These tables are lightweight and like a folding card table can be folded up to store and save space. There are several things you should know about folding tables though. They are not a slate playing surface, which most quality pool table are, but this is understandable because slate is heavy and would be impossible for the average person to fold up and move into a storage spot. This does affect the quality of play though. Also the folding tables have leveling mechanisms but the table will never be truly as level as a properly professionally installed pool table. So you might not get true professional quality play from a folding pool table but it is perfect for some situations, such as a college apartment where you and your friends don’t care as much about the quality of play as being able to fit a pool table into your apartment. Also younger kids who just might be learning the game of pool and do not need a professional pool table to be taught on. There are two main types of folding billiard tables. Those that one-side legs fold into the table and the table is then stored upright. There is also a company making a folding billiard that both legs fold into the bottom and the table itself folds in half. A good example of a folding pool table is the Mizerak folding table, that the playing surface is high density MDF board that makes it light enough to easily fold and store but a good enough play surface to mimic regular billiard table play. This is the trade-off you will get from saving space; you will lose quality of play.

The Aramith Conversion Table: Another Way to Save Space

The Belgian billiard ball manufacturer Aramith has recently tried their hand at a more high class and high quality table that utilized some of the thought behind a folding table. They too are trying to make a table that is a space saver. There idea is to make a table that can truly be used for both a dining room table and a billiard table. People have used both before but the main problem was that the height of a pool table is too high to be effectively used as a dining room table. One such example of a conversion table was the hood insert. The hood insert was a dense foam piece that fit perfectly into the playing surface of the pool table. After inserting the piece you could cover it with your normal pool table cover or a tablecloth and it made a large flat surface. The problem was like mentioned before it was too high so it served better as a buffet or serving table then an actually dining room table. Aramith fixed this is an ingenuous way.  This table is a speed conversion table in that it legs are built on springs and it will adjust from a nicely built wood dinning room table and then will “pop” up on these springs to a billiard table. This table though does have a slate-playing surface and two-parted wood tables cover to transform it from the billiard table into the dining table surface.

Title Tag: The Folding Pool Table and the Aramith Conversion Table

This article explains the use of new space saving billiard tables. One such table is the newly designed folding table. Another attempt at saving space in a billiard setting is a conversion table that changes from a dining room table to a billiard table.

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