Mini Pool Table

Four Five and Six Foot Pool Tables

Pool tables keep getting smaller and smaller it seems like. Now beyond the space saving six-foot tables there are even five-foot tables. These tables will affect your game though. If you practice on a table this small your finesse shots will get better, but the quickness of play on a table this size will make playing on a nine or even an eight-foot table seem slow and sluggish.

Mini Four Foot Pool Table

Beyond the five-foot table some pool table producers are making mini four-feet tables.  This tables come in two styles, one is the folding table style, but some like the British made BCE/Riley Le Club table are quite nice and even come complete with a ball return. These tables have black metal folding legs similar to a folding card table, but have independent leg levelers. The Le Club also comes in a four-foot version that is actually like its five-foot brother but just even a foot smaller. The quality of play on this table is not near professional but instead is more of a toy for children.

Four in one Mini Pool Table

The other style of five-foot table is the four-in-one table such as the one made by Triumph sports. Many people are lured in by the fact that they can get four games for the price often times cheaper then one starter level slate billiard table. The four games are pool, air hockey, table tennis, and football (not foosball). These can no be quantified as a billiard game, but instead a toy for children. Just remember when you buy one of these four-in-one tables, you are paying for what you get. If you don’t want your table to last more then a couple years and is only for the kids o bang around with this table maybe right for you, but if you want any sort of play quality you will want at least a starter real slate pool table. The extra money you spend will pay for itself in the length of life you get out of the table.

Two in one Mini Pool Table

The two in one pool table is a great table for younger pre-teen kids who want to learn the game of pool but also want a break from time to time of playing pool and if they get bored want to play air hockey. This table is a two-in-one game that works by completely flipping the table to change the game. One side is a 6ft billiard table, which has a Slatetron playing surface (synthetic slate) while the other side is an air hockey game. It’s designed with a secure locking mechanism, solid rails, and tapered legs with reinforcing braces for structural stability. One important thing is to make sure you remove the billiard balls before you change games and flip the table or else from experience you will have balls flying all over your room.

Mini Pool Table Space Requirements

This two-in-one is perfect for kids, those that want a great deal on more then one game, or those without a lot of space. Though it is small and will fit in some pretty tight spots you will still want a 13 by 11 foot area. Also the weight of the table is 180 pounds so not easily moved by one person so that should be kept in mind.

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This article is about the market of four and five-foot and six foot pool tables. Primarily these are games for children and not on the same level as a true slate table. The qualities of these tables are equal to the price you pay for them.

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