Electric Fireplaces

Electric FireplaceThe electric fireplace was a wonderful invention. They have no need for chimney so your heat stays 100% in the home. They are usually fully portable, rolling around the room and able to plug into any 220 outlet. These fireplaces look just as real and beautiful as their wood and gas burning counterparts, but they have the convenience of almost instant setup and installation, along with safety and many design options.

Most of the ones we found on the internet were between $400 and $800, depending on the quality and size. You can get electric fireplace inserts to go in your existing hearth, or you can get entire freestanding units to push up against the wall. They are often used in bedrooms, cabins, and even RV’s, motorhomes, campers and boats. You can get a fullsize version or these cute little mini ones that produce just enough heat for those small spaces. Apartment size fireplaces are also available.

The biggest concern with this option is making sure you have enough power to support it. You need to be sure the amperage and voltage are correct in the outlet you choose, and that you don’t have a lot of other stuff on that fuse otherwise you could quickly blow a fuse if too much is running. A dedicated system is best for safety.

Amazingly enough, they even have wall mounted systems that don’t even touch the floor. This can be helpful in a basement that has a tendency to flood. We don’t recommend putting anything of this nature in a room with flood potential (or the habit of), but if you must then get something you can mount high enough the water won’t get to it.

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