Ease of Use: Hot Tub Maintenance



Remember that just because it has more filters do not mean it will be a cleaner spa. For every one of those separate filters you have in your tub that means that at least once a year you will have to replace every one of those. It is better to get a spa that has just one filter that is the right size for the tub and then you only have to change one filter when it gets dirty instead of a tub that has five or six smaller ones that you have to change. Many of the newer spa filters even have not only debris filtration but part of the filter will even purify your water and make for a cleaner spa. So make sure to ask your salesmen how their brand spa filters cause the better a filtration system the easier your spa will be to keep clean and the more enjoyment you will have from it.

Circulation Pump

Some spas offer circulation pumps (circ. Pumps) that are constantly cleaning your water.  These are usually programmed to operate 24 hours a day.  They are small efficient pumps that draw very little power to operate.  They don’t cost much to operate but do help keep your spa water clean.

See also spa sanitation and maintenance options.

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