Do’s And Don’t’s When Cleaning Stone Indoor Fireplaces

Stone Indoor Fireplaces

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Easy To Maintain Stone Indoor Fireplaces

Besides providing considerable heat and evoking a homey ambiance, another advantage of stone indoor fireplaces is that their mantle is very easy to maintain, so much so if they are sealed with high quality penetrating stone sealer that help avoid staining. Nonetheless, there are do’s and don’t’s when cleaning stone fireplaces to keep natural stone mantle in tiptop shape year in and year out.

Do’s When Cleaning Stone Indoor Fireplaces

Regularly wipe the foot, header, hearth and mantel of your stone indoor fireplace using a soft cloth to get rid of dust, dirt and fingerprints.

You may also vacuum the indoor stone fireplace to clean it with more ease and to reach nooks, crevices and other hard to reach areas. Remember to use the brush attachment on the hose the vacuum cleaner to avoid scratching the surface of the natural stone attach the hose extension to reach high areas.

Sometimes it cannot be avoided when coffee, water, juice and other liquids are accidentally knocked over on the mantle. To handle liquid spills, mop the liquid up using a clean dry white cloth. Squirt some neutral stone cleaner onto the affected area and wipe it off with a clean white cloth. This will eliminate sticky liquid that may have been spilt.

Don’t’s When Cleaning Stone Indoor Fireplaces

If you plan to wash it, do not use soap on stone as it can leave a residue where mildew may grow and makes the stones lose their gleam.

Avoid the use of acid or ammonia-based cleaner because it may cause discoloration to natural stone. The natural stone will also lose its shine when acid-based cleaners, such as vinegar, are applied. So refrain from using vinegar and water as cleaning solution. When choosing a cleaner, opt for the type that is neutral, that is, non-acidic and non-alkaline. Bear in mind that by dusting the fireplace regularly, you eliminate the need for this cleaner. Also, if you spray some cleaner, make sure to wait for the fireplace to dry before starting another fire.

Do not use steel wool pads and other rough cleaning item that can abrade or dull the surface of the natural stone, making your stone indoor fireplace less beautiful. Additionally, fragments of the steel wool that is left on the grout can result in rust stains.

Stone indoor fireplaces are durable and may last a lifetime especially if they are properly maintained and cleaning agents and items that can mar their beauty are avoided.

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