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Pentair Pool Products

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If there is a company that claims to know so much about water and water products, it is Pentair. Pentair offers a wide array of water systems and solutions to slake the water needs of the residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and even hospital sectors. From water systems installation, maintenance, and water filtration to flood control and other products and services involving water, you name it, Pentair can handle it. No wonder they claim, “Water is our middle name.” But let us narrow down the scope of this post particularly on Pentair pool products.

Pentair Pool Products and Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc.

The brand Pentair Pool Products, along with Sta-Rite, is handled particularly under Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc, a global leader in providing state-of-the-art and reliable swimming pool and spa equipment. Whether it is a reduction in pool energy consumption, clean, crystal clear water, warm water, or lighting for your spa that you need, Pentair has the solutions, from replacement parts, to filters, pumps, heaters, pool cleaners and sanitizers, LED lighting technology, aboveground systems, maintenance and safety equipment, water features, and many others.

Pentair Pool Products: Pumps

Put life into your pool’s circulation system by installing Pentair pumps, for without it pool water cannot circulate, like blood stuck in blood vessels because the heart stopped pumping. Pentair offers pumps for both inground and aboveground pools, as well as bath and spa pumps, circulation/filtration, drainage. You can also buy from them pump accessories and overhaul kits.

Pentair Pool Products: Automation

Your swimming pool should be all about providing you and your family a refreshing and relaxing haven right in your backyard. It should have nothing to do with sweat and drudgery. This includes maintaining your pool. Yes, you do not have to break a sweat when cleaning your pool as Pentair Pool Products include an assortment of offerings to help make pool maintenance a breeze simply by pushing a few buttons to schedule and operate filtration cycles, to heat or sanitize pool, and to turn lighting, waterfalls or fountain on or off. Here’s a list of of these wonderful pool robots:

  • AcuCheck3™
  • AquaPC OnPoint™
  • Compool ® to EasyTouch® Upgrade
  • EasyTouch® Control Systems
  • IntelliChem™ Chemical Controller
  • IntelliComm® II Interface Adapter
  • IntellipH™ pH Controller
  • IntelliTouch® Systems
  • ScreenLogic2™ Interfaces for IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® Automation Systems
  • Smart pH™
  • SunTouch® Control System
  • Valve Actuator

Pentair Pool Products: Filtration

Every pool owner would want to be swimming in clean, sparkling waters that is why a filtration system for your pool is essential to get rid of leaves, dirt, hair, grass, body oils, bacteria and other elements that can render your waters murky. To help you maintain clean waters, Pentair offers filter kits, accessories and a selection of high-efficiency filters that fall under three filter technologies: D.E., cartridge, and sand. The pool company carries a line of Eco Select Brand of filters that boast of slashing energy and water consumption.

The green brands of Pentair are not limited to filters. You can also find these Eco Select brands in their other offerings. Pentair Pool Products are designed with the environment and the customers in mind, giving their best in providing more environment-friendly poolscapes through their Eco Select products.

So if you have a need for anything that concerns water, you know who to turn to – Pentair; and for your specific pool needs, you can count on Pentair Pool Products.

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