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Pool balls come in different types based on style, size, weight, and design. Similarly, there are also different types of pool games to play. Different types of pool games also use certain types of pool balls. It is, therefore, important to know the type of balls to use for specific billiard game that you would like to play in order to play the games right from the start according to the international game standards.

Different Types of Pool Balls 

There are many kinds of pool balls. Some balls are specially designed for competition, while others are used for training and practice. Different balls are also used for different sizes of pool tables. Obviously, larger billiard tables use pool balls with a bigger diameter. Nevertheless, some of the most common types of pool balls are listed below:

  • International pool balls
  • Carom billiards ball
  • Snooker balls
  • Novelty balls
  • British-style pool balls
  • Training balls

International Pool Balls 

This type of ball is the most widely-used pool ball for various kinds of billiard games like the famous 8-ball and 9-ball pool games, as well as the one-pocket pool game. The standard weight of the ball is approximately 5.5 ounces to 6 ounces, while the standard diameter is 2.25 inches.

These billiard balls are available in different colors that include blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, burgundy, black, and white as the cue ball. This is also available in combined colors of blue and white, red and white, orange and white, purple and white, yellow and white, burgundy and white, and brown and white.

Carom Billiard Balls 

Carom pool game, otherwise known as carambole game, is popular in several countries, especially in the Asian region. The game is quite distinct from the standard pool games because the pool tables used have no pockets. In a standard carom game only four balls are used, each ball has a diameter of about 2.66 inches. Carom balls are usually colored red or blue with white cue balls.

Snooker Pool Balls

Another popular pool game is snooker. Each game starts with 22 balls on the table, with fifteen red balls inside the rack while the remaining 7 balls in yellow, black, pink, brown, green, and blue are scattered at various designated locations. Each ball weighs approximately 3 grams with a standard diameter of around two and one over fifteen inches.

Novelty Pool Balls 

These balls are generally used not for competition but for collection purposes, as well as for practice and invitational friendly games. They come in different designs like playing cards, company logos, team logos of popular NBA and NFL teams, and so on. These balls are popularly used as commemorative items.

British-Style Pool Balls 

Another popular pool game is the British-style billiards. This game usually starts with fifteen object balls that are generally colored in red (sometimes blue) and yellow pool balls. The pool balls have an average diameter of 2 inches. These balls are also used in 8-ball pool games.

Training Pool Balls 

Another type of billiard ball that is popular among amateur pool players is the training pool balls. This one is definitely not to be used in competition but for practice. These are obviously cheaper compared to the ones used in championship games. Sometimes, training pool balls have targeting rings to allow novice players to set their targets for better judgment on the effects of topspin, sidespin, and backspin.

There are still other types of pool balls for other billiard games like the Russian pyramid and the bumper pool games. Before buying pool balls, you must first decide on the types of pool games to play in order to get the right types of pool balls that are just appropriate for your desired table games.

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