Dead Pool Stroke in Billiards and Other Forms of Recreation

Dead Pool

Dead Pool as a Fictional Character

Dead pool is a popular term that is associated with several things. This is widely-known among children as a fictional villain character at first of Marvel comics, but later on became a superhero. This character is famous for having a superhuman reflex and stamina with regenerative healing capacity, including telepathic immunity, extended longevity, and teleportation abilities.

Dead Pool as a Guessing Game

Among adults, especially those who are interested on betting, dead pool is a guessing game that predicts people who shall die within a certain period of time, usually in a year. This prediction game is sometimes called as ghoul pool, death watch, or death pool.

In most cases, the personalities are celebrities. All individuals who participate in the game will be required to place their bets. There is actually no standard game rules since it all depends on the terms and conditions as agreed by all players. But the main thought of the game is that players will create their own list of celebrities whom they think will die within the year, or in the ensuing year. Players who made the accurate prediction will take the pooled money.

Dead Pool as a Movie

Dead pool is also popular as a movie that dates back in 1988. It is a thriller film with Clint Eastwood as the main character, together with Liam Neeson. It is entitled ‘Dead Pool’ because the plot is based on the dead pool game, except that the players manipulate the results by murdering their bets in order to win the game.

Dead Pool Stroke in Billiards Game 

Dead pool is also a term in billiards that refers to a dead stroke pool game where a player with extreme skills is in stroke right from the start towards the end of the game, thereby achieving victory without even giving the opponent a chance to get a stroke.

The entire game is flawlessly played by a player without much effort, taking one turn at a time and pocketing the right ball at each turn. This only happens in games played by highly-skilled professional players with known reputation for taking several championships.

Getting a Dead Pool Stroke 

There are certain techniques to achieve a dead stroke. This normally requires utmost concentration and complete focus in order to get the balls just right where you want them to be. Naturally, practice is also important to sharpen the skills and attain complete mastery of the stroke. This further requires competence in creating a strategy on how to make the stroke in such a way as to accurately hit the right ball and pocket it regardless of its position in the table.

But the main technique of achieving a dead stroke pool game is to achieve a perfect mental choice on the strategy, and exactly coordinating the mental thoughts with the actual physical movements to get the desired results with less effort. This is more of a body and mind coordination that acts in the sub-conscious level, making the movements natural and easy. This is the ultimate dream of many pool players, both professionals and amateurs.

In any case, dead pool is confused with varying terms. People having different perspectives will normally have varying first impressions regarding the term. Knowing the different angles where the word dead pool is taken from, you will have better understanding on how it is used in sentences.

But in billiards lingo, dead pool is a skillfully-made series of dead strokes that put a professional pool player on top of the game, taking each turn at a time without getting a single m

iss for several consecutive strokes toward almost the end of the game, or even completing the game without giving the opponent a chance to strike.

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