Choosing the Right Indoor Fireplace For Your Home

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Picking the right indoor fireplace for your home could be tough considering the wide-ranging choices that are available in the market, not to mention the endless variations of features. They differ not just in shapes, designs and sizes, but they also vary in types, functionality, ease of use and maintenance, aesthetics, installation requirements, the type of hearth appliance and the fuel they use, among others. The formula here is to match a combination of these aspects to your needs, taste and budget.

What Turns You On? Choosing the Fuel For Your Indoor Fireplace

One of the first major considerations you have to make when buying an indoor fireplace is the type of hearth appliance. Do you already have an existing masonry fireplace and chimney at home? Are you the romantic type who warms up to the idea of chopping and kindling wood for your indoor fireplace? Would you rather go for gas and delight in the convenience of easily turning it on with a flick of the control? What type of fuel is highly available in your area? Would you like wood or will you go for gas? Even if you delight in feeding wood into your indoor fireplace but wood is not as available as gas in your location, then gas may be a more practical choice.

If the pace of your lifestyle is like blazes, you will appreciate the easy maintenance required by a gas indoor fireplace, besides its ease of use. Since you do not need to kindle wood, there is also no mess that needs cleaning. With just a click of a button, you get the warmth and ambience that you desire.

Installing Your Indoor Fireplace: Do You Have What It Takes?

If you already have an existing masonry fireplace and chimney at home, then a wood stove or wood-burning fireplace may be for you since these are prerequisites for such type of indoor fireplaces. However, if you do not have these at home, the gas type would be more sensible for you, unless you do not mind the elaborate and costly installation of knocking down a wall or building a chimney.

C’mon Baby Light My Fire: How Safe Is Your Indoor Fireplace?

Another factor to consider in choosing an indoor fireplace is safety. Gas fireplaces are considered safe since there are no flames and embers to keep an eye on when you turn them off. Creosote is also non-existent with gas fireplaces. This highly flammable substance is a byproduct of combustion common in other fireplaces that accumulates in the flue and chimney and may dangerously ignite leading to a chimney fire.

You Got Me Fired Up: Choose the Design of Your Indoor Fireplace

Once you have decided on the type of hearth you will have for your indoor fireplace and the fuel it burns, only then can you decide on the design, size, and shape. The choices available vary from the traditionally quaint and charming to the sleek and modern. It is up to your taste on how you make the indoor fireplace complement with the design of your house or of the room where you will install it.

In choosing the right indoor fireplace for your place, the type of hearth and the fuel it burns is at the foundation of your decision, then you work your way up factoring in design and other considerations.

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