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The outdoor bar furniture is fast becoming a favorite fixture in many American patios and outdoor living spaces. When the season starts to sizzle, it makes for a great place in your home to entertain guests or simply to relax with a nightcap under the beautiful moon and stars. There is no one right outdoor bar furniture set; it depends on your personal preference. Nonetheless, you would surely prefer one that is durable and weather-proof, functional, virtually maintenance-free and with a design that works well with your home and outdoor space. The price will also affect the buying decision of many buyers. Let us take a look at some of your choices.


The Weather-Proof Pocket-Friendly Outdoor Bar Furniture

If budget is tight, you can still own an outdoor bar furniture. The molded plastic barstool is the most inexpensive of the options. It is weatherproof and easy to maintain. However, do not expect a classy and gorgeous piece. Also keep in mind that plastic molded chairs are not strong enough to accommodate guests who are on the heavy side as the chair legs could buckle and collapse. So if you are expecting large guests, consider buying an outdoor bar furniture made of another material.


The Convenient and Heavy-Duty Outdoor Bar Furniture

This type of outdoor bar furniture will not cause any embarrassment for your larger guests as it is more sturdy than the plastic type. When buying this type, go for wrought iron, aluminum or stainless steel and make sure that they are powder-coated to resist rusting. For convenient storage when not in use especially during winter, opt for foldable table and bar stools to minimize footprint.


The Earthy Outdoor Bar Furniture

Wood, such as teak, cedar, and pine, is another material option that makes for elegant outdoor bar furniture. If budget is not a problem, then go for the beautiful teak. It may be the most expensive, but it also is the most durable owing to its natural oils that shield the wood from insects and the elements. Cedar is another good-looking wood but more affordable than teak. Pressure treated pine is also a favorite but is less appealing than cedar.


The Durable and Strong Outdoor Bar Furniture

Outdoor bar furniture made of bamboo and rattan are perfect for the pool deck, a Hawaiian luau or for an outdoor space with a tropical or beach theme. Complement it with a few tiki torches on a summery night to intensify the mood.


Your outdoor bar furniture can greatly enhance your outdoor living experience, so make it a point to choose the right type of outdoor bar furniture for your specific needs and preference.

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