How To Use Less Chemicals in Your Pool

Natural Purification Systems

Swimming pool owners that are also ecologically friendly have always had problems with the use of large quantities of chlorine to keep their pool clean. But for those pool owners that want to be green there are a couple of options.


Several years ago a company called Nature2 came out with a more eco-friendly way of cleaning pools. Instead of using large amounts of chlorine you can use a Nature2 cartridge system.

Frog System

Another company that offers a similar solution is the Frog.  just like the nature2 system using the system will cut the use of chemicals dramatically and simplify the maintenance of your pool.

Clear water of a Mountain Stream

Minerals in the stream bed help purify the water

Both products works by using natural substances that clean your pool. One of the minerals is silver. Silver is what is called a natural oxidizer which means it sanitizes like chlorine. The other substance in these cartridges is copper. Copper is a natural algaecide. Things like molds and algae are unable to grow in the presence of copper. So add a system like Nature2 to your pool or spa and you will use far less chemicals this year, spend less money and have a much cleaner pool/spa.

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