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Billiard is played in countless ways, and one of the popular methods of playing this game is the bumper pool game that is normally played on a specially-made bumper pool table. This type of game provides a unique level of thrill and enjoyment to the players.

The best way to play billiard and truly appreciate this game is to play the numerous types of pool games. It is suggested not to limit your playing to only one or two games, but more. It is, therefore, important to get more insights about the other methods of playing pool table games, and bumper pool game should be among your list of options.

Bumper Pool Game

Bumper pool game is quite different from the standard billiard games. This is played with two different sets of balls. One set is colored red, while the other is white. The balls of each set are arranged at the start of the game in such a way that they are placed at the designated marks on the table, with two balls normally beside the pocket.

The objective of bumper pool game is to sink all the balls from the opposite end of the table. But before sinking the balls, the marked ball must be sunk first. What makes this game truly distinct from most types of pool games is that there is no cue ball. Thus, players have more flexibility of taking the strike from a ball with the most strategic location.

Another unique feature of the game, unlike the rest of the billiard games, is that both players will simultaneously shoot their marks right from the start; ensuring that their designated marked balls is sunk. If they are successful, they can proceed with the other balls until all balls in a set are pocketed.

If a player fails to pocket the marked ball, he loses his turn to shoot the other balls. He gets his turn only when the opponent player fails to pocket a ball. The player that completes the set first wins the game.

Bumper Pool Tables

The bumper pool table used to play this kind of game is relatively different from the standard pool tables in many aspects. One of the most dominant differences is the number of holes or pockets in the table.

Bumper billiard tables only have 2 pockets on the opposing end of the table, located at the center of the rail. The table normally has twelve bumpers, although some bumper pool tables have fourteen while others have sixteen. Each pocket is usually flanked by two bumpers, while the rest are placed at the center of the table arranged in a cross design.

It is now clear that in order to play this game a separate pool table must be used. If you have the standard pool table and you would like to expand your pool gaming experience towards playing the bumper pool game, then you will need additional investment for the purchase of the bumper pool table.

The bumper pool game promises loads of ultimate thrill and utmost enjoyment to pool lovers across the world. This game is not yet as popular as the 8-ball and the 9-ball pool game, but the excitement and pleasure that the bumper pool game offers result to the increasing popularity of this game despite the additional investment required to experience the fun.

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