Bring Summer Barbecuing in Winter Using An Indoor Fireplace Grill


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Indoor Fireplace Grill Makes Winter Barbecues Possible

Even if your huge outdoor grill or campfire pit is now blanketed in snow, do not let the ruthless winter cold stop you from enjoying the fun of campfire cooking and outdoor barbecues that you love in the summer. You can still enjoy this by getting your home an indoor fireplace grill.

Why Cook In An Indoor Fireplace Grill

Cooking in an indoor fireplace grill, also known as hearth cooking, was a common way of cooking in the past. However, now that most kitchens are well-equipped with the cooking appliances of today, hearth cooking is done usually for fun or when there is a power failure. But what if your birthday falls every winter and you want to celebrate it with barbecue? Would you postpone your birthday on the next summer just to be able to do this? Why not organize a winter grill party for your family. In this way, you get to enjoy great food while cozying up to the warmth of family bonding with the help of your indoor fireplace grill. Cooking in a real wood fire brings out the finest flavors and aromas in grilled food. You can vary the flavor by using certain types of firewoods that have their respective distinctive flavor characteristics. You can enjoy all these and at the same time save a few dollars on your fuel costs.

Tips On Cooking In An Indoor Fireplace Grill

If you are adept at campfire cooking, then you are ready for hearth cooking as they apply the same techniques. Opt for dry seasoned wood over wet and green wood to produce a hotter and cleaner heat. For a hotter and more consistent heat for cooking, build up the fire first, then allow it to die down as hot glowing coals.

Things You Need When Grilling Indoors

You need to secure an indoor fireplace grill. This type of grill is often supported by a stand that glides in and out of the fireplace. Choose a model with a grill height that can be adjusted to be nearer or farther away from the hot coals. You may also complement your indoor fireplace grill with a rotisserie set to cook your chicken or skewers of meat. However, if you do not have the budget for these yet, you may satisfy the appetites of your family with famous and simple to prepare campfire dinners such as hot dogs on stick and roasted potatoes wrapped in foil.

An indoor fireplace grill is a fine addition to a home with a household that loves summer barbecues so much that they want to have it even in the cold days of winter.

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