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Since time immemorial, gambling has been a bosom body of any pool game, although there are now smoke-free game arenas that do not involve the exchange of money and are, therefore perfect for wholesome family bonding. The term “pool” is taken from “poolrooms,” which are horse race betting parlors where pool games were held. Hence, it is not surprising to see, even up to now, pool players and spectators to lay a bet on pool games. You can now even stake your money on pool games online. Let us take a peek at the various websites, a.k.a. online pool halls, that provide venues to play online pool for money and how they differ from each other.

Play Pool Sharks Pool Games Online

Whether you are looking for fun without leaving your home, a venue to showcase your online billiard skills in tournaments, or a chance to win real money, this billiard website could be the place you can visit. You can opt to play 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball and other versions of the snooker game. Pool Sharks offers free software and a free $2-bonus for members who have just freshly signed up. You can also get more bonus if your refer a friend. However, you must know that these types of websites earn by charging commission. For this website, the commission runs between 7 to 9 percent for ten-dollar games, and 5 to 7.5 percent for games played for a hundred dollars or more.

Play Play89 Pool Games Online

Just like Pool Sharks, this relatively new online pool and snooker site allows you to download its software for free and also gives out a $2 bonus upon registration. Here you can play vie against human players all over the world online, 24/7, whether for fun, for money, or even to earn free money bonuses, playing 8-Ball, 9-Ball and snooker games. It also draws commission from the total wager decided upon by the players, depending on the amount and the number of points. For instance, the base commission is at 5.9 percent, extra 0.5 percent for every point and the maximum commission is at 9.9 percent, if the total bet is $20 or less. The higher the total bet, the lower the commission, and for games involving $100 or more, the base commission runs between 3.9 to 7.9 percent.

Play Pool Empire Games Online

This website for pool games online requires a deposit from the players and generously offers 20 percent of this deposit and a $2 bonus for downloading its software and opening an account. You can also earn $20 through its tell-a-friend program. You can choose from the various well-loved pool games online: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and other billiard games, such as sit & go’s and event and knockout tourneys. The pool site features 12 languages.

Play Grand Billiards Pool Games Online

This website beats the other websites earlier mentioned when it comes to giving out bonus for new members, as it offers 50 percent sign-up bonus and the chance to win as much as $50 on the member’s first deposit. As if these are not enough, Grand Billiards also rewards players with iPods who outperform other players, including the highest snooker breakers and the most dedicated and improved player. However, the fees you need to pay relatively higher fees on every real money pool game, as much as 12 percent on games that involve as much as $20 and eight percent for games involving more than $40.

Before betting on pool games online, choose the website that offers not just the best interface and features, but also consider the money side of things, including registration bonus, commissions and opportunities to earn more money and give-aways.

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