Balancing your pH for your Pool or Spa

Your pH: Finding the Perfect Balance

Once your TA is in the right range you can balance you pH. You will probably want to test your pH with some test strips like Aquacheck or similar brands again. You may ask what you are measuring though. A pH test is measuring the amount of hydrogen ions in your pool.

pH High or Low?

This tells you either how acidic (low pH) or basic (high pH) your pool is. This is important for many reasons. Have you ever complained about getting red eyes from swimming? You might have even said, “Gosh that pool has a lot of chlorine.” You were really meaning to say the pH was unbalanced because you eye has a balanced pH of 7.6 in it and when the pH is off it causes eye irritation.

Sanitizers and pH

Also when your pH is unbalanced your sanitizers won’t work right so your pool won’t get clean. A pH neutral pool (around 7.3 to 7.6 if you were wondering) will also make sure your pool water won’t be corrosive or scale forming. This will save you money in the long run.

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