Why Balance my pH in my Pool or Spa?

Here are the most common problems and causes of unbalanced pool or spa water.

Problems Caused By Low pH

  1. You can lose chlorine
  2. Any metal parts of your pool can corrode
  3. Your pool walls can become stained
  4. The surfaces of the pool can become etched
  5. Folds and wrinkles can occur in your vinyl liner
  6. And as said before skin and eye irritation

Problems Cause By High pH

  1. You can have clogging of your filter
  2. Your pool or spa heater elements can become clogged
  3. Can also cause skin and eye irritations like low pH
  4. Your chlorine won’t work
  5. You water can become cloudy
  6. Bad water circulation because of clogging of filter.

Reasons Why Your pH Can Be Off

  1. A lot of sanitzers like chlorine and bromine are not pH balanced and can tip you one way or the other
  2. The water you put in your pool or spa
  3. Rainwater
  4. Debris from outside your pool
  5. Runoff
  6. Atmosphere
  7. Evaporation
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