Achieve Effortless Warmth and Elegance With Indoor Gas Fireplaces

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Fireplaces can draw the family together for an evening of warm bonding. They can also spark fires in romances. That is why, it is important that you choose the right fireplace for you. Yes, there are several types of fireplaces. For this discussion, however, let us consider indoor gas fireplaces and other heating appliances that are fueled by gas.

Types of Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Indoor gas fireplaces can come as vented or vent-free according to installation. Vented gas fireplaces require a chimney and flue to lead smoke out of the house. In contrast, a vent system is useless with ventless gas fireplaces because it burns at high heat, hence, destroying the byproducts including smoke.

When talking about indoor gas fireplaces, other heating appliances that are powered by gas come to mind. Gas logs are actually gas burners that are shaped to have the appearance of logs and are inserted to fireplaces and blaze through glass fireplace windows or screens. For this reason, they are also labelled as fireplace inserts. You can utilize your existing fireplace to position these gas logs with little adjustments. Freestanding gas stoves can be moved in different positions and may come as vented or ventless. Strictly speaking these stoves are not considered fireplaces because they are not mounted on the wall and indoor gas fireplaces usually require a gas line where the fuel comes from.

The Convenience of Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Although run by gas, many indoor gas fireplaces need electricity to kindle automatically. Some gas fireplaces can also be ignited using a match or other ways of manual ignition. This feature is useful during emergencies such as when there is power interruption. This convenient ignition is coupled with easy maintenance as there are no ashes to clean.

Owing to their small and modular structure, indoor gas fireplaces are perfect for homes with limited spaces, such as apartments, where knocking down a wall may be frowned at. A few are even accepted for mounting in mobile homes.

A Precaution For Indoor Gas Fireplaces

If you opt for an indoor gas fireplace, make sure to periodically open your windows after a few hours to let out water vapor that come from the fireplace. Water vapor can compromise walls, doors, furniture, floors and anything made of wood and may also trigger the growth of mold and mildew.

Indoor gas fireplaces are convenient to install, use and maintain; however, the ventless type may be a potential threat to your health and your home.

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