Above Ground Pools Prices

Above ground pools prices are way much lower than the prices of in-ground pools. In fact, they can be ten times lower than the average prices of a typical permanent in-ground swimming pool. Despite the huge difference, an issue remains on whether they are worth investing in or not.

To eliminate the doubt and ensure that you are getting the true worth of your investment, it is best to check some of the pros and cons of the above ground pools and their corresponding prices compared to the other option.

Above Ground Pools Prices Vis-a-Vis The Disadvantages and Advantages of Above Ground Pool

above ground pools prices


When it comes to the required investment on purchasing a swimming pool, the above ground pool prices already provide tremendous advantage over the prices of permanent swimming pools constructed in-ground. However, price should by no means be the only buying factor to consider. Other features and benefits must be taken into account as well in order to come up with the wise choice.

Unlike the in-ground pools that are fixed and already part of the residential property, you can take the above ground pools with you if you plan to move your home to another location or in another city. This provides better flexibility on its use.

Since in-ground pools are already part of the property, it can raise the market value of the property. In the case of above ground pools, they have no effects on the property value because they are home backyard accessories that are temporary in nature.

But on the positive light, above ground pools will not increase the annual property tax. This is another essential buying factor in favor of this type of pool over in-ground swimming pools, unless you are planning to sell your house in the near future.

In terms of durability, fixed swimming pools are obviously more durable. But present technological advancements already make it possible for above ground pools to last long. Top brands of pools are made of superior quality materials that withstand the rigors of nature and rugged outdoor use. This provides better assurance in having more years of fun and enjoyment in using the pool, thereby making it worth investing in.

Above Ground Pools Prices versus In Ground Pools Prices

The match is not over yet between above ground and in-ground pools, but the final round has been drawn; this time, the comparison will now focus on the above ground pools prices against the average prices of in-ground pools.

Prices usually vary according to the dimensions of the pool, the type of materials used, the design and style of the pool, and the available permanent accessories attached to the unit.

But comparing the two different types of pools based on their standard features and the same dimension, the price range of in-ground pools start anywhere from $8,000 for the least expensive ones made of vinyl linings, up to as high as $50,000 for pools made of granite, concrete, or fiberglass.

Above ground pools prices, on the other hand, start from a little less than a thousand dollars for small pools up to as high as $10,000 for larger pools made of superior materials. The shape of the pool can also affect the price. Oval-shaped pools are priced higher than pools with circular design.

But on the average, above ground pools prices are within the $1500 to $3000. Pools within this price range are already perfect in creating an refreshing oasis right in your backyard for the whole family to have some outdoor fun especially when the summer heat sizzles.

Affordable Above Ground Pools Prices

Above ground pools, nowadays, have taken outdoor swimming to a new level of enjoyment. Gone are the days where above ground pools were normally associated with inflatable pools that only last for few months or just some weeks.

Today, when you talk about pools above the ground, it means swimming pools that are easy to install yet strong and durable enough to last for many years under proper care and maintenance. More interestingly, above ground pools prices are relatively cheap and affordable for almost the same swimming enjoyment that you will get from in-ground pools.

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