Above Ground Pool Liners – What Type of Liner Do You Have?

above ground pool liners

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Above Ground Pool Liners

Above ground pool liners mainly serve to make the pool structure water-proof and prevent leakage. Pool liners tremendously extend the lifespan of the swimming pool, regardless if the pool is made of concrete or metal walls. It separates water from the solid wall and prevents the damaging effects of water from causing harm to the swimming pool walls.

This is one of the basic parts of a typical swimming pool. You can hardly find above ground pools today without above ground pool liners. Therefore, if you have a pool in your backyard, then you better start to know more about pool liners, including their maintenance requirements for a stress-free use pool.

Different Types of Above Ground Pool Liners

There are several types of above ground pool liners today. It is best to have an idea on some or all of them in order to determine which type is best for your pool, or which type of liner is installed in your swimming pool.

Keep in mind that liners need to be replaced from time to time, depending on the type of liner installed in the pool and usage. Ideally, it must be replaced every ten years on the average to keep the pool in top shape and in perfect swimming condition. Replacing the liners of above ground pools is not an easy task. It requires some expertise from people well-experienced and highly competent in this field to ensure that the pool is water-tight and leak-free.

During the process of replacing the above ground pool liners, it is also important to choose the right type of liner that exactly matches the one being installed. Otherwise, more work will have to be done to properly fit the new type of liner on the pool.

It is for this reason that above ground swimming pool owners should know the different types of pool liners to easily identify the kind of liner installed in their respective pools.

Expandable Above Ground Pool Liners

Expandable above ground pool liners are normally installed in deep pools. These vinyl liners have extra length to accommodate deeper heights. They are also perfect for oval-shaped pools as well as round-shaped swimming pools, especially pools without buttress straps.

Beaded Above Ground Pool Liners

Beaded above ground pool liner is the standard type that is quite common in many pools. This may be due to the fact that there are also numerous types of patterns to choose from. This type of liner is easy to install since all you need to do is to attach the liners to the bead tracks installed at the sides of the pool.

The bead receiver track systems were installed specifically for the beaded liners. Hence, replacing the beaded above ground pool liners with another type would require dismantling of the already-installed track system, thereby adding to the labor costs of replacing the pool liners.

Uni-bead Above Ground Pool Liners

Uni-bead above ground pool liners, also known as the K-hook liners, are also easy to install. These liners can be used to replace the beaded liners because they can fit well to the bead receiver track system by cutting the J-hook portion. Uni-bead liners are simply hung on the pool walls, overlapping the liner.

Overlap Above Ground Pool Liners

Overlap above ground pool liners are the most economical type of liners for the pool, but not the easiest kind to install. As the name implies, these liners extend beyond and overlap the top wall rim. They are attached using coping strips, either the tube-shaped strips or the flat-ribbon strip style.

Enjoyment in using the swimming pool is maximized if the pool is well maintained. One of the maintenance aspects to consider is the pool liner. Proper care and maintenance of above ground pool liners can significantly extend the usage life of the pool, thereby adding to more years of swimming fun and outdoor enjoyment.

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