Above Ground or in Ground Pool?

Above ground pools are typically made with a vinyl liner and have steel walls. They range anywhere from three to five feet high and some can even be built so they have a deep end in the center. Above ground pools are better and more popular in regions where there are freezing temperatures in the winter since they are not below ground the freezing ground won’t damage the structure.

The main difference between the two are in-ground are typically a lot more expensive. They require in most areas for permits to be pulled, excavation to dig the hole, and even with a vinyl liner and fiberglass pool a concrete rim poured to hold the pool in place.

Also many cities require a fence to be erected for safety where as for aboveground pools, the height of the pool alone may be enough.  In-ground pools also require extensive plumbing to and from the filter where in aboveground there is just a couple hoses running from the pool to the filter. The cost of this plumbing for in-ground pool also leads to a more aesthetically pleasing backyard with out hoses out in the open but instead hidden underground. The in ground higher price comes with a great perk that almost every in ground pool is custom, so you can get exactly what you want. For aboveground pools the amount of customization is far less that you can achieve since most above grounds come in standard shapes and sizes.

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