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Free pool games

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Free Pool Games Flood the Internet

An avalanche of free pool games are available in the Internet for those seeking to play this fun virtual game. Although you can play free of charge, you must be aware that there are sites that encourage playing for money. This could be illegal in your state or if you are still underage. If this is the case for you, make sure to choose the feature that allows playing just for fun or playing using play money.

Some Features of Free Pool Games

Besides ensuring that your game does not violate any laws, you surely would want a free pool game that features realistic 3D visuals, instinctive controls that can be handled effortlessly, and adherence to and the implementation of the game rules. Free pool games that allow you some practice time or to play against the computer would also be great especially for newbies. But once you get the hang of it and you would want more challenge, you can play the game online and throw down the gauntlet against anyone from across the globe who wants to play with you, or join an online pool tournament.

Free Pool Games from Pool Rebel for Windows 

One of the best free pool games you can find online is the Pool Rebel for Windows. The development of this commercial product was originally intended for mobile devices, like smart phones and pocket PCs. Luckily, its developer, Nikos Konstas, also generously made a free version of the game which is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. This free pool game can be opened in a resizable window as wide as 965 pixels. This allows for a game table of at most 650 pixels wide. You can view the game only with an overhead view though. It compensates for its shortcoming through a multitude of features and options. You can choose from its five different games: 8-Ball, 8-Ball using UK rules, 9-Ball, One Pocket, and 14.1 Continuous. You can play against the computer, with skills that can be adjusted, or against another human player via online. You have the option of playing a single game at a time, or play a “best of” set that can include up to 21 games.

One feature that makes Pool Rebel one of the best free online games is that you can play against another player online without the need to submit to any gaming website. All you have to do is search for and accept a pending challenge from other players from across the world, or you can impose your preferences for the game and wait for any taker of your challenge. Yes, you can choose from the aim assistance options, including Full, Default, Minimal, or None. If you want to always make awesome three-pocket shots, you may want to go for the Full option.

You can control the game easily, with the use of the mouse to position the cue stick to where you want it to, and supplement it with the up/down arrow keys for even better control. You can decide on the power of your shot before making the shot itself using a sliding scale, you can even incline your cue for masse shots. When you are ready to shoot, simply click the large Shoot button.

To access the Menu anytime you need to, simply click the three cue balls displayed at the lower right corner. You can save a game which has been paused for later play. Using the history of each shot, you can opt to abandon the latest position and just continue the game at some earlier point you prefer. The best thing about it is that you can enjoy features galore, all for free.

You do not have to put up with an online pool game that is anemic in features, just because it is free. There is an abundance of free pool games you can find and enjoy on the Internet that include great features, such as the Pool Rebel for Windows.

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