9 Top Tips on Choosing Modern Outdoor Furniture

What better way to extend the sleek and classy ambiance of your modern home than to also furnish your outdoor space with modern outdoor furniture. Go ahead, let the outside world see your exquisite taste for elegant contemporary style. Besides elegance and style, modern garden furniture is also designed to wear well.

modern outdoor furniture

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Modern Outdoor Furniture: A Work of Art

The sophistication that characterizes modern outdoor furniture sets it apart from other styles of furnishing giving your patio or garden that distinctive, minimalist, cutting-edge vibe. Just like their indoor counterpart, each upscale modern outdoor furniture piece can be considered a work of art so you are not simply furnishing your outdoor space, you are also displaying your art collection which also make for a great conversation starter when entertaining guests. Incorporating different interesting pieces of modern outdoor furniture will make your outdoor haven even more fascinating. Some of the interesting pieces that you can include in your outdoor retreat include huge botanical-inspired sunshine parasols, one-of-a-kind bistro tables, egg and womb-shaped garden chairs, gazebos, swings, hammocks and arbors. Whatever the modern designs may be, they can easily fit into your garden, patio, veranda, swimming pool area, or even indoors if you wish to take them in. Nonetheless, there are some considerations that you need to think about when planning to buy them.

Modern Outdoor Furniture Buying Tips

1. When choosing modern outdoor furniture, make style, minimalism and the quality of its craftsmanship as your main bases. Of course, you also have to factor in aesthetics and functionality.

2. Go for modern outdoor furniture built of wood, aluminum, wicker, stainless steel and wrought iron as these are sturdy and long-lasting, weather resistant and come in exciting designs. See to it that they have been treated to bring wear and tear to a minimum. If you go for steel outdoor furniture, make sure that it is washed with acid water to get rid of its rusting elements, then galvanized and powder coated. Go for aluminum pieces over untreated steel.

3. Choose pieces of furniture that are easy to maintain and easy to move so that when you need to store them or transfer them to another place, it will be convenient for you.

4. Test the quality of the aluminum modern outdoor furniture you pick by thumping it. If it lands with a thud, this means that it is of good quality. On the other hand, if it makes a clinking sound, it means that it is made of cheap and thin wall aluminum frames.

5. Check the fabrics to see if they are really meant for outdoors. See if they have been tested for UV rays.

6. Try sitting on the couch or chair you are considering to buy to find out how comfortable and roomy it is.

7. Check out the cushions if they feel very light and soft. If they are, don’t buy them as they may be made of fiber that will eventually flatten soon making your cushion saggy and uncomfortable to sit on.

8. Be on guard for poor quality modern outdoor furniture with aluminum frames but supported by steel rods. Keep in mind that the steel will rust owing to the condensation that forms inside the hollow aluminum frames. This will stain the furniture and your patio or deck.

9. Go for quality outdoor modern furniture that have end caps and foot glide that match the frame finish and fit into the metal end cuts.

Modern outdoor furniture can reflect the sleek and sophisticated aura created by your indoor modern furniture of your living room. When buying this state-of-the art furniture, however, you must remember to inspect beyond its looks. What may look chic and tasteful may be made of poor quality materials.

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