9 Ball Pool Game Rules

9 ball pool

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9 ball pool is one of the popular pool games today. This type of game is common in many championship events, and it is widely-played by both professionals and amateurs alike. Pool game lovers have better wide range of options to choose from among the numerous types of pool games to play.

The most preferred types are the 8-ball pool and the 9-ball pool games. These two types of games are quite different in many ways. But the main discussion shall focus more on the 9 ball pool. But in order to fully enjoy this type of game, it is best to know the ins and outs of the rules of playing the 9 ball pool game.

Basic Rules of Playing the 9 Ball Pool

The main objective of the 9 ball pool game is to sink the ball in any of the pockets. This greatly differs from the 8 ball pool game where the 8-ball must only be pocketed after all the other balls of the same set are pocketed, and it must also be pocketed at the designated hole.

In this case, the first player to sink the 9-ball during any point of the game instantly wins the game. Thus, players must be careful in hiding the 9-ball from the cue ball in order to prevent the opponent from pocketing the 9-ball to attain victory. If the 9-ball is out of sight, players must start pocketing the other balls starting from the lower number.

Fouls to Avoid in the 9 Ball Pool Game

Also crucial in winning the 9 ball pool game is to avoid fouls. Three consecutive fouls can result to instant loss. It is for this reason that players playing this type of billiard should be aware of the moves that can result to foul.

A foul is ruled against a player if the cue ball comes into first contact with a ball that is not the lowest in number. Another incidence that can lead to foul is if the cue ball is potted or jumped off the table. During the break, a foul is also ruled if the break shot fails to rail any ball, and no ball is potted. If you are taking the break shot, make sure to hit it strong to ensure that any of the balls come into contact with the rail; but much better is if some balls are pocketed.

Keep in mind that once a foul is ruled, the opponent gets the ball in hand and has the chance to place the cue ball in any location as the opponent-player pleases. Obviously, the opponent will surely strategically locate the cue ball right on target with the 9-ball to instantly end the game with a victory.

9-ball pool game is considered as a shark game for one reason. Players should act like a shark, taking every opportunity to pocket the 9 ball to immediately win the 9 ball pool game.

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