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Take A Plunge Into A Number of Factors in Installing Swimming Pools

The initial challenge of installing a swimming pool is dealing with quite a number of decisions. You have to choose the shape, depth, size and other features of the pool. Must it have a diving board, a slide, or enough space for lounging? The type of swimming pool you will be installing will depend on your answers to many questions. What is your main purpose for putting in a pool? Is it for your swim laps or to practice your diving stunts. Would you want it to be a place for your family to gather, where your kids can play volleyball in the summer? How big is the space where you would be locating your pool? How much is your budget? Are you situating it outdoor or indoor? Do you prefer inground or above-ground? The list of questions can go on. However, to make your decision making easier, here is a glimpse of some types of inground swimming pools.

Diving Pools

Generally, a diving pool is 8.5 feet deep and comes with a diving board or platform. When deciding to install a diving pool, you must realize that it is a potential source of danger since a side of it is deeper than other typical pools. To avoid untoward events, make sure that it is constructed to the standards of NSPI and ANSI.

Freeform Swimming Pools

If you want your swimming pool to capture an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity, then this lagoon style or nature-inspired pool may be for you. This type of swimming pool often includes rock features and is designed to resemble an oasis.

Geometric Swimming Pools

This traditional type of pool is often characterized by straight lines or a consistent radius. It evokes a more formal and posh appearance. Interest for geometric swimming pools seems to be revived lately.

Lap Swimming Pools

If you intend to use your pool primarily for lapping to promote health and fitness, then a lap pool would be appropriate for you. This type of pool is commonly narrow and long, often 50 feet.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools, otherwise known as Negative Edge or Infinity Edge pools are gaining popularity. However, owing to its tricky design, an expert must be hired to build this type of pool. An Infinity pool is fashioned to make it appear as if it stretches out into the horizon. Infinity pools can be constructed beside the sea or on a cliff. Thus, the practicalities and details in engineering such type of pool must not be undermined.

Perimeter Overflow Pool

If you want a deluxe looking pool, you may consider a Perimeter Overflow pool in which the water level appears to be the same as the top of the decking. This visual effect is a product of the water actually draining into a channel or notch. This makes the pool resemble a huge mirror sprawled in the ground.

Play Swimming Pools

This is great for bonding with the family, especially with a brood of little kids. It is a great place where the family can cool off, relax and bond in the summer. Besides swimming laps, the members can play volleyball and other water sports. The usual play pool is at the most five feet in depth.


If you cannot decide whether to install a pool or a spa or if you have a limited space in your yard, this type of pool is the answer to your dilemma. Spool stands for a pool and a spa rolled into one. This type of pool is often over-sized that measures about 12 by 14 feet. Although it is smaller than the typical swimming pool, and thus, easier to maintain, still it can be costly to maintain owing to concerns in construction.

There can be many other types and shapes of swimming pools; you can combine their features to your preference and purpose. To help in your decision, seek professional advice from a qualified pool builder.

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