7 Strengths of Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass swimming pools

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Fiberglass pools are one of the several types of swimming pools. This type of pool has gained popularity because it is quick to install and easy to maintain. Additionally, it has a number of strong points that give it an edge over other types.

What are Fiberglass Pools Made of?

Fiberglass pools are customarily built as one-piece installation which is covered with fiberglass, hence its name. This material is a polymer made up of clusters of ultra thin threads of glass. A polyester is added to the mix producing a pliable, heavy-duty and easy-to-maintain material. This makes it suitable to form jointless and seamless pools regardless of dimensions and models.

Key Features and Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

1. Single-piece production and installation. Because these pools are made in one piece, producing and installing them are made faster. The installation team simply has to dig the hole, lodge the “giant bathtub” and position the electrical equipment. Within one or two weeks, you can already swim and relax in your brand new fiberglass pool. Nowadays, fiberglass is also utilized for other purposes, such as in lining the surface of swimming pools or in lining concrete swimming pools.

2. Seamless and Jointless. This feature is an offshoot of being a one-piece unit. Because they have no seams and joints, fiberglass swimming pools are not prone to rust and water leakage.

3. Prefabricated. Fiberglass pools are priced lower than some types of pools since they come as prefabricated modules. Nonetheless, this feature can also be a handicap as it restricts the selection of models available.

4. Fiberglass coating. This material makes your swimming pool stronger, more durable and impervious to cracks as compared to plaster. Unlike pools made of plaster, fiberglass swimming pools eliminate the need for liner, replacement or improvement works.

5. Easy and more economical to maintain. Fiberglass pools are easier and quicker to maintain as compared to other pools. The streamlined surface of fiberglass swimming pools makes them less prone to algal blooms, hence, requiring less cleaning. Since this material does not substantially affect the properties of water, you can also save on chemicals by as much as 60 percent! The savings you enjoy in maintaining this type of pool does not stop there; you can save by as much as 30 percent on energy consumption since this material maintains the warmth of water longer.

6. Built-to-last quality. Fiberglass swimming pools may cost more than concrete pools, but the former is 17 times tougher and more hard-wearing than the latter. The structure of fiberglass pools can last a lifetime without damage or the need for repairs. Fiberglass types are suitable for earthquake prone locations.

7. Versatile Ornamentation. You can embellish your fiberglass pool with colors and unique textures to your heart’s delight.

Fiberglass pools are preferred by many pool owners because they are easy to install, easy, more economical to maintain, and long-lasting.

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