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There are many different brands of pool tables today, and one of the top choices is the Hamilton pool table. Hamilton is a company that manufactures all sorts of sports and gaming tables for personal and public use.

The popularity of the brand is founded on both quality and design. Their tables are made of top-grade woods that endure time and rugged use. Among the selections of woods used to create some models of their tables include oak, maple, mahogany, black ash, and amber wood just to name a few.

Aside from wood, their tables also use superior materials like the well-known west England cloth that guarantees smooth and high precision stroke, authentic leather pockets, northern rubber, top-quality ground slates, and superior mechanisms that allow you to raise the height of the table.

Hamilton produces not only Hamilton pool tables but also other wooden furniture like cabinets and chairs. But the main focus of the discussion is on billiards tables, which is available in various types. They are categorized according to design and intended use. There are six different types to choose from. They are the American tables, the UK pool tables, the European tables, the antique tables, the handmade tables, and the Hamilton convertible pool and dining table.

American Hamilton Pool Tables

The American tables are Hamilton pool tables with dimensions that conform to the American standards. The normal American specification for billiard tables has pyramid rubbers and slate beds of one inch, and the sizes range from seven to nine feet.

Hamilton American pool tables are available in various series and models. One of the common and popular series is the Buffalo billiards tables, which has different models like the Buffalo Napoleon pool table, the Buffalo Riva pool table, the Buffalo professional table, and the Buffalo Dominator pool table.

European Hamilton Pool Tables

The Hamilton brand also carries the European pool table to cater to the European market. This type of pool table has stylish looks with simple design. The height is generally fixed, but the slate beds have several variations.

European pool tables of Hamilton also have various models like the Douvres, the Cardiff, Venise, Rotterdam, Geneve, Cannelle, Rome, Sydney, Oslo, Florence, Ceylan, Athens, Helsinki, and Milan Hamilton pool tables among many others.

UK Hamilton Pool Tables

The original tables of Hamilton are the UK pool tables. After all, Hamilton is a UK-based company that caters to the global market that includes the US, Canada, and the European market. In fact, this is one of the leading brands in tables for billiards in the UK.

Some of the available UK Hamilton pool tables are the pool trolley and the supreme series of pool tables like winner pool table, the deluxe foldaway pool table, and the prince pool table. These tables come in various sizes ranging from 6 to 8 feet.

Handmade Hamilton Pool Tables

Handmade Hamilton pool tables are among the top choices for pool lovers with particular interest on the exquisiteness of the design and the details of the workmanship on the table. These tables do not only have superior beauty but they are also made of the finest materials.

Antique Hamilton Pool Tables

Antique pool tables are made for those with particular interests to styles of the past, and to those who like to have old-fashioned architecture on their billiards table. In this case, some tables have no pockets like the carom tables. These tables are popular in the early days of billiards that date back to the time in 1830 up to the early 1900s.

Dining Hamilton Pool Tables 

Dining pool tables are now the new trend of pool furniture. These tables have dual purposes. They can be used to play games while at the same time used for dining as well.

Having a wide variety of pool tables that cater to the different preferences of pool players and billiards enthusiasts around the world further adds to the fame of Hamilton brand, on top of the innovations on the designs and superior quality of Hamilton pool tables.

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