6 Easy Steps To Ginger Up Your Indoor Stone Fireplace

Image by George Brett via Flickr

A typical indoor stone fireplace carries a classic facade. That is why, fireplace accessories with antique themes go well in complementing this heating mammoth. However, as time ticks by, its idyllic appearance becomes moldy especially if it has not been maintained properly. Do not worry. You can wipe out this drab look by coating it with stucco. This neutral and lasting fine plaster will not just bring back the charm in your stone fireplace, it will also make cleaning easier.

Materials Needed To Restore Indoor Stone Fireplace

Just devote one weekend to give your stone fireplace a makeover and prepare the following materials:

Concrete bonding agent                     Plastic Pail

Liquid dish soap                                   Shovel

Flat metal trowel                                  Steel wool

Notched metal trowel                          Stucco powder

Nylon scrub brush                                Water

Paintbrush or paint roller

With these materials ready, you are good to go in bringing back the classic beauty of your indoor stone fireplace by following six easy steps.

6 Steps To Transform Your Indoor Stone Fireplace

Step1. Mix water and dish soap and use it to clean the external surface of your indoor stone fireplace. You can use a nylon scrub to scrub off persistent stains and dirt. For surfaces made of metal, use steel wool. Wash of soap and other residue from the fireplace and leave it overnight to dry.

Step2. Spread concrete bonding agent on the entire surface of the indoor stone fireplace using a paintbrush or paint roller. Make sure to brush evenly using the enough amount to prevent the bonding agent from dripping.

Step3. Read the packaging of the stucco powder for instructions on how much water to add to the plaster. In a plastic pail, combine stucco powder with water as directed. Stir the mixture until it thickens, but see to it that it is more diluted than the common toothpaste.

Step4. With the use of a metal trowel, daub the whole surface of the stone fireplace with a thin film of stucco. Enhance the coat application to give a uniform coat, but taking care not to make a lumpy finish. Level the coat off using the flat part of the trowel to give it a smooth finish. Then allow 30 minutes for the stucco to settle down.

Step5. Hold and position the notched metal trowel at a 45-degree angle and drag it horizontally from one side of the surface to the other following straight lines. Begin your way from the top, working your way down.

Step6. With the use of the flat metal trowel, spread a second stucco coat of about half inch in thickness. Eddie the stucco to give it a vintage texture using the edge of the trowel. If you opt to go for a sleek texture, you can also smooth the surface. Allow the plaster to dry for three days or more before using your indoor stone fireplace.

By following these steps, you can transform your good old indoor stone fireplace back into its old timeless charm, and as a result, perking up the room where it sits, as well.


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